Potty training - is your child ready?
Potty training - is your child ready?

The next time some well-meaning friend of family member exclaims, 'Oh, is she still in nappies?' tell them sweetly that, horror of horrors, there isn't an age when children will be magically ready to potty train. In fact, there's no point even thinking about it if your toddler isn't ready, and you - not anyone else - are the best judge of that. So just look out for these clues:

  • She/he stays dry for up to two hours
  • She/he shows interest in watching herself wee and seeing you go to the toilet
  • She/he tells you when she's wet and is keen to take off her nappy because it's uncomfy
  • He/she announces they're going to the toilet
  • He/she sometimes wees or poos in the potty

If your child isn's showing any or very few of these signs, don't feel disappointed. Just remember that while it's often possible to prepare a one and a half year old for the potty, it's usually best to start toilet training properly between the ages of 2 and 3. Your toddler will be physically, mentally and emotionally better able to cope with the transition from nappy to potty at this age. In other words, the longer you leave it, the quicker she'll learn and there'll be fewer mishaps.

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