Implantation bleeding
Spotting in the early weeks is extremely common

What Babyexpert's doctor says…

“Implantation bleeding (also known as spotting) usually lasts for a couple of days but every woman is different, so how long it lasts can vary. Sometimes it’s less than a day, occasionally it’s longer than a couple of days,” says Dr Rob Hicks.

“It’s believed to occur when the fertiised egg attaches to the womb lining. The bleeding is usually lighter than a period, and also happens before the time a period would normally have come,” adds Rob.

“If you have any concerns about bleeding whilst pregnant, then seek the advice of your doctor or midwife.”

What is implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding is when the blastocyte (what the ball of cells is called before it becomes an embryo) implants itself into the lining of your womb. It can cause irritation and movement to the lining, which you’ll notice as spotting in your knickers, and you may even experience slight cramping or soreness. It occurs at around four weeks of pregnancy, which is why many mums-to-be sometimes mistake it for menstruation.

What does it look like?

Your spotting won't be red but brown or black in colour as the blood won't be fresh. It’ll be lighter than a normal period and should happen around the week before you would expect your period. If the blood turns deep red or becomes heavy, speak to your midwife or GP as soon as possible.

How long does it last?

The bleeding should only last for one or two days, but every woman is different. Occasionally mums-to-be can continue to have a light period for the first month or two after they get pregnant, so it’s worth taking a pregnancy test around the time your first period is due. If the bleeding becomes painful or particularly uncomfortable, you should seek out medical advice.

Does every mum-to-be experience it?

Not everyone. Only a third of pregnant women notice implantation bleeding, but if you haven’t had any spotting, if doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant.

Our mums' experiences

“I wouldn’t worry about your bleeding unless it gets painful. I had an implantation bleed and it literally lasted a day, but everyone is different”

“My first pregnancy I had implantation bleeding for five days, and during my second pregnancy it lasted only a few hours”

“I had bleeding for three days and at first I thought it was my period coming. I started to suspect I was pregnant when I didn’t get cramps or anything, and the blood was brown in colour"

“I experienced spotting with one of my children (I have four), and it was a very odd experience. It seemed to start off quite red, fade to pink and then to brown, and I had some light stomach cramps”

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By Amanda Pauley 22/01/2013 17:06:00
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47 comments on this
Silver member

09/04/2013 at 17:46

I think ive had it 13dpo few cramps still yhere backache nausea even worse than before sensitive to smell feeling hungry even though ive just ate is this normal and when should I test after implantation?
Crystal Macneil
Silver member

17/05/2013 at 14:58

I have endometriosis and was told it would be very difficult to conceive a child,3 years ago I had a miscarriage and have tried to get pregnant since then with fertility treatment and everything. My cycles are never regular until the last 6 months and its been about a month since I kissed my period I thought I was getting it but the blood was more brown and it only lasted maybe 2 days. I didn't think anything of it, but now I feel very tired, my lower back hurts,I have more and more headaches, heartburn, nausea no vomiting. And I have not checked a test yet because I wanted to be pregnant so bad I don't know if its just false hope and I don't know but i think I am scared to get a negative again. Anyways my question is does this sound like it could be possible to anyone else or am I just wishful thinking? Thanks
Silver member

17/05/2013 at 15:57

I think Im experiencing Implantation bleeding 4 days before my period! Im not due till Sunday. We ttc for the first time this month, ovulation was between 8th/9th May. My test are negative so far. I have had a range of difference strong symptoms over the past week. Could I be pregnant?! My period NEVER comes early. x
Silver member

18/05/2013 at 08:28

Im not sure Crystal,  I have no idea whatbi. Doing. I hope you get a positive! Good luck! x

Clair 2
Silver member

18/05/2013 at 11:30

We've been ttc for 3 months now, I ovulated on 6 may an for the past 2 days ive had pinkish spotting when I wipe, my breasts were also sore but now there not as sore, done a test this morning but bfn! Just don't no what this means. X
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