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Second Trimester Here We Come! :)

Posted: 28/01/2013 at 20:30

I'm on fb too but pop on here every so often. I'm 17+2 today and I also have my scan on 14th Feb 

Second Trimester Here We Come! :)

Posted: 15/01/2013 at 21:08

Bex - I can't wait to feel the baby move. It must be so exciting!!

Maria - I can't stop drinking apple juice!! I was just saying to oh that I miss the foods were not allowed more than the alcohol lol

Katie - Hope your wee one is on the mend, chicken pox is rubbish but then its better for them to just get it over and done with

Mrs Rainbow - It must be so exciting having twins. I look after a set of twins who have just started in the nursery I work in. A boy and a girl who turned one on christmas day. They are gorgeous and have a special bond with each other. 

Juniper - Hope you are having a nice time away, I would love a break at this time of year.

Bryony - glad your scan went well

Maria - that's exciting about ordering your furniture, where have you got it from? We liked a set called fern in mamas and papas but now not sure about the wardrobe as its very short and we have high ceilings so now maybe thinking about the sienna.

Bex - Did you get to hear baby's heartbeat at your midwife appointment? Im looking forward to hopefully hearing it next thurs. Nope we're staying team yellow, looking forward to a little surprise

HL2010- I'm glad its not me who is back to worrying. Now a lot of symptoms have gone I feel like I am now waiting to feel baby move, really hope its soon.

We have been looking at prams and we quite like the mamas and papas sola or zoom. Find it hard to decide though as they are nearly the same apart from the wheels but have pushed both and like them both 

Well my midwife thinks I have sciatica  I had it a little last week at night and was fine over the weekend but now I have went back to work it came back. I have been awake since 4am today in agony like a trapped nerve. I phoned mw who says I have to self-refer myself to physio so Im going to phone them in the morning. Its been sore all day and feels like i'm going to have another difficult night. Its just hard as my work is really hands on with picking up the children (which I'm trying not to do as much), sitting on the floor or on little children's seats. Im going to speak to my manager about my concerns tomorrow.

Wow! I was only away for two days, I missed a lot hehe

Second Trimester Here We Come! :)

Posted: 13/01/2013 at 20:39

HL2010- if you are looking for a new car I would recommend a Honda Jazz. We just bought one on the 2nd of Jan. What sold it for us was not only does it have a really good sized boot it also has magic seats which fold seperately and either fold completely flat into the foot space or the fold upwards like cinema style seats creating more space there.  It also has a panoramic sun shade (glass roof) which I thought would be nice for baby when they get older to be able to see above them.


Maria- not sure about the flying but speak to your work and tell them your concerns, they should be able to do something to reduce the amount of flying you need to do.

I'm getting a little bump now but as I am one of four pregnant women at work, I'm due last so I constantly have bump envy of them!! They keep telling me not to wish I was huge but I can't wait!!

Second Trimester Here We Come! :)

Posted: 11/01/2013 at 20:21

has anyone been getting really sore pains at the top of left leg/bottom of back/pelvis area like a trapped nerve?? it started last night for me and was really sore, was woken up in the night with it too which wasnt good with me working 45hrs this week seems to get worse during afternoon/evening but isnt too bad in the morning.

got my 20wk scan date through today and its on Valentines Day, the same date that oh proposed to me 4yrs ago. 

i cant stop looking in the shops, were thinking about putting a deposit down on furniture in mamas and papas in the sale as its reduced from £999 to £599. It wouldn't be affordable for us at full price and they say that their sale is going to end on 27th Jan.

Glad everyone's scan's are all going well and were progressing. It feels weird im still actually here and it feels like its going to happen this time! 15wks tomorrow 

has anyone been watching obem??

Second Trimester Here We Come! :)

Posted: 29/12/2012 at 23:31

hi girls,

not been on in ages - such a busy time of the year!!

well i think im in the 2nd trimester now - one of my pregnancy apps says its this week and the other says its next week but i am 13wks today!! Very excited! 

we are very lucky as we have had 3 scans so far and everything has been great. on the last scan the baby was doing handstands and was having a wee party to themselves even the sonographer thought it was funny. We have told everyone and everyone is so pleased for us. I will put up the scan pics tomorrow.

We have started to have a wee nosey in the shops but especially as i had never been in mama's and papa's and wanted to just have a wee look. the only problem is we have seen things that we have fallen in love with eg a furniture range which is 50% off but feel like its still too early to buy big things... but we also know that we couldn't afford to pay full price for it!!!

Hubby made me cry on Christmas morning... first of all he wrapped up a present which was fleecy pj's and on the tag it said to keep us both warm this winter love from baby xx well that nearly had me going but the last present was also from baby but it was a babygro which said cute like mummy on it!! i burst into tears and he asked me if it was happy or sad tears

Hope everyone else has had a nice Christmas and i'm sure were all looking forward to a very exciting year ahead

Just got my BFP!

Posted: 10/12/2012 at 18:21

had my scan today too  everything was good, im measuring 10wks now so only one day out from what I thought I was  they were very pleased with the progress from the last scan, baby is now measuring 32mm. got to see wee arms and legs too, made it look more like a real baby!!

glad your scan went well too bex125 

Just got my BFP!

Posted: 09/12/2012 at 21:30

sorry to hear your sad news mrsmac x

hl2010- yes my clothes are starting to get tight and i had my work's xmas night out on fri and one of my best friends was there (she already knows) and she could spot a little bump growing!!

I have another early scan tomorrow lunch time to see how things are going. I hope everything is fine as not been feeling sick much anymore either. I have been very tired and had extreamely sore boobs!

Coming up to the final weeks of the 1st trimester now and starting to get excited but keeping my fingers so tightly crossed that it's all going to be ok this time.

Hope everyone else's early scans go well too

Just got my BFP!

Posted: 28/11/2012 at 19:18

aww rosebud im so sorry for your loss, i know how you must be feeling, just take your time to grieve and i hope you have lots of family to support you. it will be hard and its something you will never forget but you will be ready to try again at somepoint and hopefully next time it will be good news xx

i have a silly question too... i was at the dentist a couple of months ago and i was to go back and get a filling. that was supposed to be in november but i had to cancel it due to work commitments but i wondered if you are able to get fillings when pregnant?? i am going to phone the dentist to see what they say but keep forgetting as im so busy at work just now

Just got my BFP!

Posted: 27/11/2012 at 20:53

hi everyone,

maria- glad your scan went well  its hard though finding out you are a week behind what you thought, i was like a whole week!! feels like a lifetime but as long as everything is all good then im sure we wont mind waiting an extra week 

bex- exhausted is how i feel everyday. During the week i understand it as I start at 7.30am most days so have to get up early but at the weekend, one night i slept for 13.5hours and the other night 11.5hours and i was still shattered and couldn't wait to get to bed at night 

mrs mac- hope everything is ok with you and thursday comes quick

hl2010- i have been having stomach pains and one day they got so bad i was so worried it was making me feel sick with worry but they have eased and not felt bad at all today so hopefully thats a good thing (but now i worry i feel too good - never pleased ) call your midwife or GP if your really worried

goldilocks- glad your scan went well

im doing ok, sicky spells come and go and some days i dont eat much when others i want to eat everything, had been having stomach pains but none today and so far no bleeding so that's good news!! feeling very tired all the time and still have sore boobs. sometimes i worry i dont have enough symptoms but theres nothing i can do what will be will be so i just need to try to relax

i hope no news is good news from rosebud


can i join please cause !

Posted: 27/11/2012 at 20:11

sorry to hear your sad news

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