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FAO anyone who owns a double pushchair!

Posted: 26/02/2012 at 11:26
Just read the convert to a single. Doh sorry.

I would go for the Vibe or another inline then. Don't know much about I candy but tried them and they seemed small for toddlers.

The city select is REALLY long as a double but it looks nice as a single.

Mountain buggy doesn't convert to single .


FAO anyone who owns a double pushchair!

Posted: 26/02/2012 at 11:24
I am going for the Mountain buggy duet. Slimmest side by side on market. Pushes really well and through single door frames. You can have a carrycot and seat at same time.. Seats fairly slim though so helps to have slightish kids.

I currently have Phil and Teds Vibe 2 that I am selling as having number 3 and need a pram to fit a buggy board onto. The above does so my Vibe don't and the new P and T Promenade which I believe does is just too huge for me.

I liked my Vibe. Found it fairly convenient and easy to push and park but limited shopping basket and no where to hang bags. Great for Newborn and toddler . Liked the idea of being able to carry the sleeping newborn out in its cocoon if you got to toddler groups etc and they were asleep. Somewhere for them to sleep and be portable as you are chasing your toddler around.

I think the bugaboo is fabulous as had the single but the donkey is just so flippin wide. Great if you are a walker and not going into shops/cafes but look limiting to me in terms of width. Looked at the baby jogger select also pretty wide. The nipper 360 is one to consider too . None of them are perfect like a buggy for one but its about assessing what are your most important needs.

Hope this helps x

Antenatal Depression and Amniocentesis - Dealing with Uncertainty

Posted: 26/02/2012 at 10:29
I know how you feel as had a very similar thing happen to me earlier this year., with similar likeness. Things didn't work out for me but that is NOT to say they won't for you as my risk and soft markers were VERY high from the start.

My risk was 1:2( huge NT fold and bad blood results ) but it was the physical soft markers they found in in-depth scans that worried them ( structural abnormalities that were survival limiting if not in gestation but in birth ) and was advised to end pregnancy as chance of survival was minimal. I was told to have a CVS to be clear about why things had gone wrong. Even though my risk for DS was 1:2 the baby did not have this condition or in fact any of the major 3 chromosomal abnormalities - . It was the physical abnormalities on the scan that led to the results and the heartbreaking decision to take the consultants advise.

This was in August and now pregnant with number 3 and DI July and feeling very positive even after such an experience. Something I have taken from the past experience was no matter what I did ( obviously within reason) I couldn't change what happened to me. No amount of alcohol consumption could make this happen. You mustn't give yourself a hard time about that. You didn't know you were pregnant and lots and lots of people do similar things without knowing. You aren't alone in this so don't beat yourself up about this. Nothing you have done has made this happen.

Pregnancy is full of risks and what ifs and that applies to all of us regardless of test results that are not conclusive. You don't know whether you are that 1 or the other number ( could be 5 could be 3,000) unless you do invasive tests or until your beautiful baby is here. You never stop worrying even when they are here. I have numerous experiences of people who have been told they are very high risk and have gone on to have babies with no chromosomal abnormality - most of whom have had the invasive tests because they needed to know . Like wise of people who are low risk and have had a baby with a chromosomal abnormality. I am not belittling your feelings but trying to give you some positivity in a difficult and dark time. I don't consider myself in the clear this time because I am classed as low risk but am willing to accept my baby as they come as nothing life threatening has presented itself in scans so far. Having a baby with DS is as rewarding and beautiful as having one without I am sure.


I found the fetal medicine centre in London under Professor Nicholides amazing. He actually invented the nuchal scan and blood tests/soft markers and he was amazing with us. He gave us an in-depth scan and re adjusted results. He was very kind and candid and enabled me to process information giving me advise and strength in decisions to make. I had my nuchal scan this pregnancy done with him and my results although a lot better nothing is certain but I was adamant this time I didn't want any invasive tests. It is an expense but I would rather have a s**t pram was how I looked at it Sounds like you have also explored a similar route too. You are right by going to someone with lots of experience with doing the procedure you have better chances.

You sound so sad and not surprisingly. You are aloud to grieve for the pregnancy that you haven't had already and the fears of the unknown. The waiting is agony and at least I could get my further tests done straight away. You sound very strong and certain in yourself. Give yourself the credit you deserve for being so flippin brave and allow yourself to feel these feelings.

The positives are with more in-depth scans your re adjusted risk has gone up - a lot. Risk is only risk if you have something to compare it to. I remember when I had the terrible news at the scan praying my odds were over 1:10 whereas before I was wanting them to be as high as my last babies. 1:90 is a just over 1% risk, by most standards that pretty good odds. There could be numerous reasons to the presented soft markers you say the baby has .

Allow yourself to feel also the support of others and glad that you are able to share your feelings on here. I was too afraid to do this. I admire your honesty and your guts. What helped me was talking it through with people I trusted who weren't judgemental. Often people you don't know are better as they don't have any agendas with giving you advise.

If you want to pm would be happy to chat more. I have been too afraid to post what happened to me until now but you have given me the guts to do so - thank you.

Thinking of you and wishing you well


cvs has anyone had it?

Posted: 23/02/2012 at 03:20
No worries
Be happy to give you any information or support you might need.

Hope it goes well today with midwife. Write down any questions before you go as they tend to escape you when you are in there .


cvs has anyone had it?

Posted: 22/02/2012 at 16:08
Me, I have had one earlier this year.

It was not painful but uncomfortable. It is over very quickly ( about 2 minutes ) and it didn't cause any problems.

Results for major three abnormalities came back very quickly - next day

If you want any more information just pm me.

I had mine done in London at Fetal Medicine Centre

From what I was led to believe the NT measurement is a big marker so its positive yours was a low reading especially if there were no other soft markers.

Good luck and try not to worry - easy to say I know.

When do you feel your baby moving?

Posted: 27/01/2012 at 09:14
I have started around 14 weeks but this is my 3rd time so its different.

First time round I think I was around 19/20 weeks but second time and this around 12/14 weeks.
You have less muscle tone etc. Also my first baby was very still throughout. Number 2 a complete wriggler so guess it has something to do with the baby too.

Everyone is different also second time round you know what you are feeling for. The sensation sometimes just feels like gas or a rumbling tummy.

Nuchal Scan/ Combined test - anybody having or had before?

Posted: 26/01/2012 at 04:33

G/C from DIJ

I have an understanding of this as last pregnancy was high risk 1:2 the highest you can be. 50% chance of a problem. Have had at least 2 of friends who have come back with a risk greater than 1:70 - both went on to have no problems.

Having done lots of research into it at the time its given me a greater understanding.

Where in the country are you?

Last time and this pregnancy I went to see Professor Nicolides at the Fetal Medicine Centre in London. He does very in-depth scans and nuchal and indeed he invented the test. Anyone who performs the nuchal test has to qualify through him. They look at the baby for soft markers to see your risk and advise as to how best to move forward. They can be much better at indicating a problem or not- most likely putting your mind at rest. My risk factor was different after seeing him and indeed my odds went up last time by 1000.
It cost us ??180 to have the test done which is a lot of money but we wanted to do it and for me worth every penny for peace of mind. I would rather have a shit pram


Last time when I was 1:2 he performed a CVS on me - he has a very good track record. I believe a risk of 1:300 which is lower than the national average.

You have to also remind yourself 1:100 is still unlikely to happen and !% low but it depends on the type of person you are. If you are a worrier like me then don't sit and dwell on this all pregnancy because the chances are you are worrying for no need. ALOT of people get this result and the majority go on to have healthy babies.

If you want to PM I am happy to share any info with you

take care

HL x

nT ultrasound results

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 12:00
Its very good. If you think of the risk involved thats pretty low.

How old are you? If you compare it to your age related risk it might seem more comparable.

Mine was 1:3000 and was told by my consultant these were excellent odds especially age related as my odds based on this alone were like 1:160. Of course you are going to come across people with much lower results but also much higher ones. The cut off for risk factor is 1:150 your odds compared to this are very very low

Percentage wise you have roughly a 0.03% of it happening and so thats very good

I would relax and enjoy your growing baby.


2nd labour easier than 1st time?

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 06:59
ps no pain relief with second either till the pushing and then had G and A till he came out

First time round had gas and air for hours and it made me sick

Also had a tens machine which would REALLY recommend to anyone.

I took homeopathic Aconite which helps with fear in the beginning of my labour too along with Arnica and I really think this helped too.

Good luck and don' worry you'll be fine

2nd labour easier than 1st time?

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 06:56
Second time quicker by miles and easier but I think a lot of it is because you know what to expect and you don't panic as much.
I went with the pain second time around and imagined every time I contracted by cervix being a dairy lea box ( yes ladies that is 10cm dilated size ) and after getting to hospital at 5 I found out after I was indeed 8cm dilated and he shot out 2 hours later.
First time round I freaked and tensed and didn't know what was coming so I really fought it.

Second baby was bigger by a whole lb but he was 3 days late and a boy even so he was easier to push out.
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