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Confused- Please help!!

Posted: Today at 16:48


I really need some help..

I am confused to whether i am in the middle of plantation or just on my period, i woke up with morning to sudden bleeding pinky/red in colour and very thin not like full bleeding over a course of hours it has basically stopper just spotting not nearly enough to use tampons, i have had no cramping at all and i am not due my period for another 6 days (29th Aug) i am usually regular and also suffer with very painfull cramps which i am confused to whether it is my period with no cramps? 

My son is almost a year old, i had plantation with him but it was just like a normal period for 2 days just with no cramping.

Please help..

Labour Questions

Posted: Today at 15:49

Sounds like it x

Getting a Faint Positive Pregnancy Line One Week After Getting a Dark Line

Posted: Today at 15:49

Hi hun I had this, had loads of dark lines but was spotting so went for a scan at 8wk5d I took a test that morning and the line was so faint it was almost invisible. Was convinced I was losing my baby, she's almost 6 months old now. Maybe urine was just a little more dilute x

Getting a Faint Positive Pregnancy Line One Week After Getting a Dark Line

Posted: Today at 15:07

2 days before my missed period (one week ago), I took a HPT and got a dark, positive pregnancy line. I've had all the normal pregnancy symptoms this week and today, I took a second HPT just to confirm the pregnancy. I used the same brand test, but this time I got only a faint line (much lighter than the first test). 

I am 4w4d pregnant and I'm just concerned because shouldn't your pregnancy test lines get darker, not lighter? This is my 3rd pregnancy and with the other 2, I always got really dark lines from the start. I've been having mild abdominal cramping and lower back pain, but nothing too intense. No spotting or bleeding, so I know I shouldn't be too worried, but the pregnancy test just makes me worried. 

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Did you go on to have a healthy pregnancy or can this mean an impending miscarriage?

Labour Questions

Posted: Today at 14:25

I know, due 2 weeks on saturday. Have had a bit of a show I think(?) (some snot like substance when I wiped that was yellowy in colour and then also felt something "leak" and when I went to the loo, my pad had a yellow stain on it but nothing else when I wiped. Have had more pressure down below and in my bowels, as well as loose bowels and also some very mild period type pains. Hoping this is my body starting to get ready!

Any dental nurse's here? need advice about lead in x-rays!!

Posted: Today at 14:01

can someone help me please, ?

im 7 weeks pregnant and im a dental nurse , and I do 42 & a half hour week and travel an hour to work and back again, I have asked to work with a different dentist as he finishes earlier so my hours would be cut slightly , I have been refused.. do I have any rights?

Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage

Posted: Today at 13:40
SaraSilva good luck let us know how you make out

Here's to a HAPPY new year!!!!

Posted: Today at 12:36

Hey alittlewish,

Nice to hear from you. How are you doing?

I'm not too bad thank you xx

Labour Questions

Posted: Today at 12:27

Yeah I remember my first poop after having my first, it felt like the world was gona come out my arse LOL! my 2nd is almost 6 months old n I still can't poo properly cuz of all the c section complications x

Third and final trimester

Posted: Today at 11:37
Not discussed delivery yet, think that'll come when I've had a scan or two and they see how big (or not) baby is looking. Got my scans on 7th & 28th August then one in September so will see what they say x
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