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possible implantation bleed going crazy

Posted: Today at 07:15

It does sound very positive. Try waiting a few more days and testing again. it could just take a while for the hormones to show up at a high enough level in your urine.

Just Curious

Posted: Today at 02:13

It's been almost 21 weeks (April 9th) since my last period. I've had negative blood tests, negative home tests, as well as had some blood work done to see if some other things could be the reason why I haven't had it. Everything was in a normal range. I've gain some weight in my stomach lately. For a few weeks after my missed period I had some pregnancy symptoms but they went away so I thought I imagined it. My period was regular from a 24 to 30 day cycle until it stopped. I have an ultrasound next week to look and see if there are different problems.

Has anyone found out they were pregnant only through ultrasound?  

how is everyone doing?

Posted: Today at 01:17
Oh fingers crossed she arrives soon x

Welcome to Due in January 2015!

Posted: Today at 00:00
Hi everyone. Im pregnant as well im 20 weeks pregnantand iI'm due on January 15 this is my fifth pregnancy my two first pregnancies ended in a miscarriage it was really devastating for me and my husband who was my boyfriend at that time. I waited two years to got pregnant again and it was a successful beautiful normal pregnacy, i had a baby girl who's now about to turn 3 yrs in octuber. After my daughter turn one we found out i was pregnant again and it was a horrible pregnacy always throwing up, always sick, with horrible headaches it was just bad, but in the end it was worth it because we had another beautiful baby girl who's already 1 yr old. And now im pregnant again i found out i was pregnant when i was around 4 weeks but i didn't went to the obgyn until one day I was bleeding bad with no pain i had to went to the ER and the Dr told me i was having a possible miscarriage that i was less then 12 weeks pregnant and that i had a big chance of loosing the baby i was very sad and crying because i didn't want that story to repeat again. They did blood exams and an ultrasound and they told me that everything was normal and that they found a heartbeat i was very happy but still scare. The next day i went to the OBG they check me and the bleeding had stop and they told me that everything seem normal but i still had a big chance of loosing my baby so they only put me in bed rest i been resting this whole time and my next appointment its on the 10th and im hoping for good news i have a lot of faith that everything is going to be okay but still I'm scare. Does anyone else had or is having a pregnancy similar to mine?

Welcome to Due in January 2015!

Posted: Yesterday at 23:52

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Posted: Yesterday at 23:45
Hi, i dont know if you are still accepting questions, but i have one i would really like answered if you dont mind...

I just had a miscarriage june 15. I had a period mid July, and no period at all in August, but as of today ( September 1st) all my home pregnancy tests are negative... can i still be pregnant??? I want to go to the doctors really bad, but the doctors are always negative towards me because im only 23 with 4 children. Though my children are well taken care of and i make way more than enough money to provide for my family, they told me i should be happy i lost my last baby and tried to convince me i was ignorant for crying... either way i have resulted to internet diagnosis...


Posted: Yesterday at 23:32

Hey guys I have 5 kids Joshua and Lucas who are 2 and a half , Riley who is one year and 3 quarters , Rory who's one and kayden who's 4 months. My oldest two boys have always loved being big brothers until around a month ago when they started bullying there brother Riley around a week ago it stopped but on friday night I was cooking tea and then I walked into the living room to see josh holding a pillow over his head and then Lucas kicking him! I have never seen them behaving like this I'm starting to  see the same behavior towards kayden and Rory and I'm really worried any advice..

Someone please help...

Posted: Yesterday at 23:31
I recently had a miscarriage on June 15. I had a period mid July, and NO period at all in August... but here it is September 1st and all my pregnancy tests are negative... Could i still be pregnant, or can anyone relate???

Welcome to Due in March 2015!

Posted: Yesterday at 23:09

Probably just worrying too much. I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow then the 12 week scan wednesday. does anyone know how much the scan pics are these days as it's been 5 years since my last ?


how far gone were you getting your positive test? :)

Posted: Yesterday at 22:16
Were you on birth control?
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