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A newbie due 15th dec!

Posted: Today at 16:43
*not far from where you've moved from, not to!

Must proof-read...

The most amazing sound....

Posted: Today at 16:43
Ahhh im glad all went well and i love hearing babies heartbeat heard it today as i also had a midwifes app.

I had my first health visitor appointment today at my house. She asked weather im bottle or breast feeding. Told her i think bottle and she was not happy!!

She then went on and on and on about why i should breast feed and not use formula! She made me feel really bad about myself when at the end of the day its mine and my boyfriends baby not hers so we can do what we feel is best. She asked why i want to and told her a reason and she said its not about you though its about baby! As if to say i didnt care about my babies health!!

I told midwife and she agreed with me and said dont do what others tell me to do.

So not looking forward to seeing her again x


Posted: Today at 16:43

Hi Ladies

I hope everyone is well. It's been confirmed today that I would need to wait until I'm 23 for funded IVF.  He said I could pay for it if I feel I wanted it straight away but I would shoot myself in the foot as then when I do reach 23 I wouldn't be eligible for any funded cycles if I would pay for one. It's a joke!! He said I would need to get another referral from my GP near the time I reach 23 and he would be able to refer me for a funded cycle. I feel like I've gone 2 steps forward and 10 steps backwards

I ccan't see anything happening in the meantime as we only have a 1% chance of conceiving naturally.Nothing else to update you wwith really only my AF is Saturday xx

A newbie due 15th dec!

Posted: Today at 16:42


I've got two boys too, 4 & 2! And I'm in Manchester, not far from where you've moved too! I'm due dec 17th.

Funnily my oh was just talking about his work and says there might be a possibility of rellocation to Houston! But I think that's a while off! How're you finding it?

Hope you're appt went well, you lucky thing getting a scan already, very jealous

confused by test result

Posted: Today at 16:42

congrats to you all xx


Raspberry leaf capsuels please help

Posted: Today at 16:33

Aww fab - thanks ladies yeah I'm not at all fussed about making he littl one come early I mean I think they will come when they are reasy anyways just wanted to improve labour / contractions really. Jasmine massage oil, sounds fab may need to try that! Xxx

pics and update

Posted: Today at 16:32

 Congrats - love that name.


It was on my list of girls names, but i have 2 boys now xx

Could this be an early sign of pregnancy?

Posted: Today at 16:30

How is everyone today? xx

Raspberry leaf capsuels please help

Posted: Today at 16:28

Yes , I would hold off abit longer , like gp said , best to wait til 37 weeks , have had a few early births on here recently n it's freaked me out a tad - to say the least  my births were easy n the contractions very effective too , don't know if it was due to the r l but will be drinking the tea again , can't harm right , oh by the way I also used jasmine in my labour massage oil , also supposed to strengthen contractions n smells gorgeous x x 

Raspberry leaf capsuels please help

Posted: Today at 16:22
I took them from 37 weeks which is what is recommended as baby considered full term. I took tablets and drank tea. My daughter was 6 days late. They're not meant to bring on labour they're just meant to improve the contractions. I had a very "easy" and swift labour and all was well with baby.
I've got loads of tea and I've just bought the capsules...4 more weeks until I'll start taking them.
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