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period is 12 days late and neg hpt

Posted: Today at 14:12
16 days late n finally BFP xxx

Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage

Posted: Today at 14:07
Af Reen I know exactly how you feel, the waiting is the worst! Try to keep positive I'm praying for you x


Posted: Today at 14:06

Hi Bonnie,

Love the scan picture! Hope it reassured you seeing that heartbeat. I had the exact same thing - in hospital at 7 weeks with bad pains and got a scan like yours. I'm still experiencing lower back pain every day, like a dull ache, but find sitting with a pillow rested under it helps. Try not to worry, I think for some of us it's normal. 


Pregnacare Conception

Posted: Today at 13:43

Hi LauryGx Im in the same boat as you! My cycles have always been irregular since I was 15, sometimes I could go without a period for almost a year! :l I had blood tests to check my hormone levels, i kept going to the doctors all the time wondering if there's something wrong with me and all they said is that everyone's different and I should give it some time. I've been on the pill from 2012 and came off it last year in august and to this day my cycles are messed up, ever since then me and my partner haven't used any contraception and nothing happend yet! I've just bought my first pack of pregnacare conception and hope that it works! I've had about 2-3 normal periods this year and that's about it :/ its so frustrating! x

I am PREGNANT after faint positives

Posted: Today at 12:39

Congratulations xx


Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage

Posted: Today at 12:37



I went for my first U/S. According to my LMP, I should be in my 7th week right now. However the Gyn only saw a teeny tiny sac and said it looked like 4 weeks.

That means I would have ovulated 2 weeks later than normal?


I'm really not sure what to think of that. They called me in again in 2 days to have the hormone level checked..


Baby dust to all...Fingers crossed for a BFP

Posted: Today at 11:49

Wow becci looks good, hope for the best for you ♥

Rach did you tried the digi one? I have read that it will detect how many weeks and as early or even if the hcg is not much visible on home pt it will still detect your pregnancy, as for me i asked my husband to find me one here but i think they can only be bought online so devastated there are lots of store and drug store but they dont have one

Baby dust to everyone♥???♥

Welcome to due in May 2015!

Posted: Today at 10:50
Wow, lots of new members in our May 2015 birth club!

A warm welcome to Lena 3, rachel butcher, Kate 11, (Rachel and Kate - you're due the same day!) KellyBelly26, and jessica denyer. We look forward to hearing all about how you're all getting on. And we hope the rest of you are doing great too.

Welcome to due in May 2015!

Posted: Today at 10:33

Hi susan robinson,
We're so sorry to hear about what your daughter has been going through - it's utterly heartbreaking. It sounds like you're being very supportive already: I've had two miscarriages myself, and, if my experience is anything to go by, the best thing you can do is keep doing what you're doing and be there for her. 
We have an area elsewhere on Chat where other women who've had miscarriages share their stories and advise and support each other. Maybe you or your daughter would like to take a look? They're a lovely, wise and hugely sympathetic lot.

Baby dust to all...Fingers crossed for a BFP

Posted: Today at 09:59
Sounds really promising Becci! Good luck to you! When will you test?

I unfortunately am still waiting on af to show. 6 days late now and had two bfn. I've bought some frer ones but don't know if it's just a waste of time to test again. The other two were superdrug early response so I'm guessing if I was pregnant they would have been positive. I was so gutted with my bfn because I really thought this was it. Xx
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