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Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage

Posted: Today at 08:01
Wow I am full of mixed emotions at the moment! Tested this morning and got a BFP! still faint but much more obvious than last time. However I have been spotting for over a week now and there was some red blood this morning when I woke up. Going to ring the epu for some advice today just to try and calm my nerves a bit!

Nikki please let us know how you are getting on?

How is everyone else doing?

Good luck everyone

Getting down

Posted: Today at 08:01
Hi girls. I'm very new to all this! Married in August and just off the pill last week. Nothing to report yet in terms of period etc. Worried already that it's going to be a long and frustrating journey! Any tips on how to relax with it all? Xxxx

Piercing at 2 months ? is it too early?

Posted: Today at 07:08


it seems as though your mind is made up going by the arguments back to the ladies who have gone to the time & effort of replying to you. It therefore seems unneccessary that you asked this question in the first place or that people bother to reply with their opinions when it appears you dont really want them

for what its worth i also agree with the ladies above in feeling very uneasy about the idea of doing this. also, certainly in any of the countries that i have lived in / have friends in, i know that no doctor would pierce a child's ears as it is not a necessary medical procedure.

at the end of the day the decision is yours to make & live with so the important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with it.

Getting down

Posted: Today at 06:56

Hi Marie,have you seen your Gp? I shouldn't really be worrying just yet then should I? Just so desperate for a family of our own.Its so hard not to stress about it as I know this could make things harder! X

Piercing at 2 months ? is it too early?

Posted: Today at 06:46
I appreciate all your opinions but wanted to give my example. All my friends wear pretty earnings and I can't.
Because my ears are not pierced and I am very scared and will be in a trauma if I do it. All my friend's mommies got their babies ear pierced at infant stage but my mum didn't and I always feel, I wish my ears were pierced when I was a baby.

Implantion bleeding

Posted: Today at 06:24
Thank you how soon should I test .

Implantion bleeding

Posted: Today at 06:21
The only way to know is take a pregnancy test, good luck
Got my fingers crossed for you x

Need some advice

Posted: Today at 05:43
I haven't had protect sex either I'm trying to have a baby . need to understand this I.plantion bleeding had spotting for 12dYs. According to the website implied on Oct 18 2014 . I've got to daughters one is 21 n the other is 19 never had these before now at 1039 pm tonite I saw blood it look brite red mixed with the color of dark brown my AF supposed to come tomorrow it never comes day early at all the website say I'm 4wks now wen should I test to get a positive pg testpl any help me

Implantion bleeding

Posted: Today at 05:32
Hello I'm 42 year old n I'm new to this never had implantion bleeding before yes I have too daughters one 21 n the youngest is 19 never had this with my kids I'm confused today at 10 39 pm I started I don't maybe implantation bleeding it looks like the size of a dollar coin I had implantation on the 18 according to the website n it state I'm 3wks n 6days pg I'm supposed to get my monthly tomorrow never this soon some mild cramp not major but it does subside pls help how long for the implantation bleeding is for I also had spotting for 12days after . any one
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