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Losing the baby weight

Posted: Today at 14:20

Hi Charley,

Don't beat yourself up for putting on weight during pregnancy - it is perfectly natural and above all else, is necessary for the proper development of your baby! I will tell you though, there is no reason it should take as long as 9 months to lose your baby weight and get back to virtually where you were before. It is more than feasible with proper planning and some self motivation.

As a fitness coach for postnatal mums this is something I see all the time! It's absolutely fantastic that you regularly go on long walks - that's the first thing I always recommend as it's easy & low impact, and gets you moving.

On top of that, it is a great idea to start incorporating some medium-intensity circuit-style workouts regularly. You can do these at home (while bebby sleeps), you don't need any equipment and as little as 10-15 minutes can be highly effective. The nature of circuit training means you are increasing the metabolic demand of your body way beyond that of low intensity/steady state exercise like walking, running, cycling etc., so you burn much more energy (read: "body fat") in much less time.

You mention you exercised a lot before you had your baby, so you may be familiar with the idea. I would recommend you try the following short circuit at home 3-4 times a week for 2 weeks and you'll notice the difference:

Repeat the following 3 times in a circuit fashion. 15 seconds rest between exercises. 1m30 rest after each round.
1. Mountain climber (x20)
2. Kneeling pushups (x10)
3. Sit to squat (x15)
4. Tricep dip [on sofa, chair, table] (x12)
5. Reverse alternating Lunge (x10 each leg)
6. Kneeling plank (30 seconds)

Of course, a sensible diet is also important for weight loss and extra care needs to be taken to strike a very exact balance as you are breast feeding too. If you fancy some information on diet or some more detail on exercise, just send me a PM and I'd be happy to help!

Good luck!

Having a scan today

Posted: Today at 14:18
Aww sorry to hear that Hope your both ok! X

just a quick question!

Posted: Today at 14:17
So will her book and everything be changed over once she is registered? X

How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return?? Part 2

Posted: Today at 14:05

Hi all. I started my period on friday night but it was very light and barely there yesterday so only really lasted 2 days being light. This will be my first one since coming off the pill is this normal and can i count it as the first day of my cycle? 

Good luck for today Jacky hope its not long until you have your little prince/princess in your arms and your family is complete xx

Baby dust to all...Fingers crossed for a BFP

Posted: Today at 13:59
Hi everyone.

I think I'm ready to come back. We've been sort of TTC but more just seeing how things go since the early miscarriage in August. This month I thought we'd done it (took 4 months with DD and this was month 4) but it wasn't to be and I was heartbroken when AF arrived.

Went to a wedding at the weekend and had all the questions about when we would be having another. My SIL gave birth yesterday and with the royals announcing their April due date (when I would have been due) I'm finding it hard going.

I just feel like I don't really want to TTC because the baby I wanted was the baby I lost ????.

But anyway. Here we are. Into month 5 - although I'm not sure we will catch this month as hubby is away around O time and also it would be a July due date which I'm not overly keen on as my daughters birthday is July. Anyway. We'll have to see what happens and leave it to fate.

How is everyone? So nice to see so many BFPs (even if I am insanely jealous) x

anyone fancy a guess at the gender of baby bean?!

Posted: Today at 13:38
I can't see a nub but guessing girl also x

Having a scan today

Posted: Today at 13:36
So sorry hun there really are some daft people on the roads! Hope all is well x

Welcome to Due in January 2015!

Posted: Today at 13:34

Sorry Essie. I find that having big boobs a bit of a novelty so they make up for the late night nappy changes.

Bump does look neat in that picture, seeing the mother in law this weekend so no doubt she'll tell me otherwise. I thought I was big but I measured 27cm at my 28 week appt last week. As long as baby isn't huge I don't really mind the size of my bump. 

Please help

Posted: Today at 13:33
I would test again with first morning urine

University project survey

Posted: Today at 12:36

Hello my names Katie Furness and I am a Product Design student and I am currently are looking into Improving products within the home and I decided to do mine based around babies and young children. I would be grateful if people would fill out my questionnaire, there are 9 questions therefore it should not take too much time up to fill it out and any information which I receive from this will be used within my presentation but will be kept anonymous. Below is the link and I understand many of you will be busy but it would be very useful to gain back your feedback. Below is the link...

Many thanks

Katie Furness


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