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How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return??

Posted: Today at 19:48

Yeah its just really frustrating not knowing, dont know if I feel bloated or its just my imagination.x

No obvious movement?

Posted: Today at 19:47

Hiya , how did you get on , did they check the heartbeat etc ? think they have their most active period 28-32 weeks , probably just having a quiet day n will make up for it later , mine was having active times early morning , early evening n after my bath , has stayed pretty much the same but with several jabs in between here n there , hope all is well x x 

nub theory boy or girl

Posted: Today at 19:45
Not sure how to add another pic nub is right im having my second boy x

nub theory boy or girl

Posted: Today at 19:44


Posted: Today at 19:43

I'm just 4 weeks, feeling bloated and tired. Sickness kicked in at 6-8 weeks last time and stayed for 2 months! Fc I'll get it easier this time

kelly xx

Retained placenta?

Posted: Today at 19:41

Will keep everything crossed for you hun , could be an infection like gp said , n antibiotics will sort it out , not too long to wait for appointment , a friend of mine had 4 c.sections n had a bad infection with the last , hope you're ok x x 

Welcome to Due in December 2014

Posted: Today at 19:34

Hi ladies!

We found out yesterday baby no.2 is on the way! I'll be 31 on Monday, our daughter Jess will be 2 in 8 weeks. I have pcos so both babies have now been conceived on the 2nd round of clomid! I think im due between 21-25th December, so Christmas could be extra fun! So excited to be sharing the comin months with you all!



No obvious movement?

Posted: Today at 19:09

Lexie had quiet days too hun, hope u got on ok at docs x

How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return??

Posted: Today at 18:56

Jojo, like bug says your not out til af arrives. The creamy cm is a good sign! Especially if you're normally dry now! Xx

Hello. Please can you help us at BX HQ? How can we make the Chat forums better?

Posted: Today at 18:14

hi helen, if you could run me through how to change my registered e-mail address that would be brilliant.

thankyou   xxx

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