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Confusing pregnancy test result. Help!

Posted: Today at 06:03
Hi guys,

I took 5 htp yesterday 3 had a faint pink like about 10 mins after dipping the test! AF due in 4 days! 2 test had a line come up about an hour after.

Went to the doctor today he told me that it's not a positive test if it came up after 5mins! I had a hcg done and get the results back tomorrow! When I got the hcg done the lady who took my blood also did a htp after 5 mins no lines were there so she said it was negative I don't know what tk believe !

Pregnant again after ectopic and bleeding

Posted: Today at 04:09
Forget to mention I've had 2 scans and 3 blood tests in 1 week but still no pregnancy showing!

Pregnant again after ectopic and bleeding

Posted: Today at 04:07
I've been going out of my mind because I haven't met anyone who's going through what I'm experiencing, I'm hoping someone on here can put my mind at rest! I had an incredibly painful ectopic pregnancy 2 months ago, and was heartbroken when I was told there was no other way than to remove my left tube. I thought I'd have a slim chance of getting pregnant. But 2 weeks ago I did a test and there was a very faint line , 1 week later (and dozens of tests later) it was still positive, I then noticed some spotting but it was very brown much like the end of a period. Due to my history I was called in to epau for a blood test and scan. Consultant said both ovaries are fine but no visible pregnancy as it could be early . Blood test showed positive hcg. 48 hrs later it had doubled. Last week had another scan but still no pregnancy sac showing! But he said the lining of womb was getting thicker. The consultant said not to worry about bleeding because it's not fresh blood, Today I noticed the bleeding is still spotting (not heavy) but when It was bright red! I've been crying my eyes out, and so worried I can't eat! What if it's another ectopic ? I'll never have kids??!!! I just wanna be able to see something . Had another blood test yesterday but wasn't a good sample,! So gave another one today!! According to my dates I should be 7 weeks, and my periods are always on time! If there's anyone who's gone through something similar plz share ur experience , I becoming sick with worry!

Bad period pain while pregnant

Posted: Today at 03:54

Hello every one I'm 2 days late but still feel period like pains and leg pains as well. I done digital pregnancy test on my expecting date but came back negative so I'm confused is any one can help after one ectopic and one miscarage in a row I'm scard if I'm pregnant I don't lose my baby again plz help


Stomach pain in early pregnancy

Posted: Yesterday at 23:47

Hello My October 2014 mummies to be.....

Posted: Yesterday at 23:20

Hi ladies,

Can't believe we're all so close now to meeting our babies. I'm currently 35+1 & just feeling really tired but no other real problems. This time I have some strange personal growth chart so even though I'm measuring as I would expect (34cm at 34 weeks & 29cm at 29 weeks) my baby is plotting just above the 90th centile & may have to have a growth scan if I'm still measuring big at my next appointment at 36 weeks. Seems a bit crazy as my daughter was born 6lb 10oz at 40+4 & my bump isn't exactly huge but I'm not gonna turn down another peek!!!

I'm hoping for a home water birth so have started putting things into a box rather than a bag but then my hubby can put it all in a bag if needs be. So on Wed my mw is visiting me at home to go through things with me. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to the labour this time. I can't have a home birth until I get to 37 weeks so between 2 - 8 weeks for me before baby arrives. So excited!!

Oh & iron tablets - not nice!!!

ovulation test strips

Posted: Yesterday at 23:18

Yay!! Good news cberg!!

Welcome to Due in January 2015!

Posted: Yesterday at 21:56

Other than a headache today I've been symptom free. Oh and heartburn....not really symptom free then now I think about it but all bearable lol! 

Our pram arrived today. Not sure whether to get it out of the box and have a little play or wait til we move house in nov. If I get it out now i worry I won't be able to get it back in the box lol! So excited tho x

33 weeks and been in hospital possible waters gone

Posted: Yesterday at 21:50
Only just seen this Sarah hope your ok xx
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