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Advice needed about feeding and sleeping please

Posted: 22/11/2011 at 15:12
Blimey, 7 weeks seems a distant memory now with regards to changing the formula, if she seems uncomfortable or windy etc you may want to. My LO was FF from 5 days & we started on SMA Gold, but didn't agree with her, switched to Cow & Gate & she loved it! The gulping could poss be down to the bottle, are the teats small enough for her maybe? Or maybe you could try a different bottle. I would agree with the girls, start a daytime routine as well as evening. My LO fed evey 3/4 hours, I always made a little more than she'd norm drink too. I'm sure she'll settle down, HTH Hun xx


Posted: 02/06/2011 at 17:09
Hiya Hun, congrats to you on bump 2 . I've sent you a message on here, about the Fb group!xx

Changing formula - have you done it and did it help?!!

Posted: 31/05/2011 at 14:57
Have you raised the issue of reflux with your HV? It may not be the milk or infacol thats causing the probs. We started on SMA, but had a very windy, constipated unhappy switched to C&G and she was a different child! I would just double check with your HV about what is causing the sickness...but switching formulas shouldnt cause too many probs


Straw Cups/Beakers

Posted: 28/05/2011 at 05:19
Hi Girls!

My LO has just learnt to suck through a straw, so am looking for a cup....but with 2 handles! She just cant seem to get to grips with cups without! Nuby do one, but not in ENgland apparently! We had a winnie the pooh one given to us for Xmas, but cant find it anywhere!

Thanks xxx

Parent Facing Pram

Posted: 27/04/2011 at 14:52
I love this Pram MP! Thats the next one we'll get when we're TTC again! I did have a Quinny, but have down graded to smaller stroller now. But would hve to say the M&P Sola x

Mega Broody and a catch up!!!

Posted: 26/04/2011 at 14:38
Hey ladies! Glad to hear all is well with mummies & babies Great news on TTC Mich, we're probs going to try Autumn time now...did want to get cracking in the summer but, like you house hunting is our main priority at moment, as 2 beds is never enough

Fearne is a cheeky monkey! weighing in at 19 1/2lbs at 9 months, is a weeny 70cm....had to giggle when i saw how long Grace was! She has midgets for parents so she was never going to be tall! Its all active here, but no crawling as of yet, a crawls last night but nothing since! We have a few probs with lumpy food, but give a tough old crunchy breadstick and shes fine! I never like lumps either apparently! This week she has slept through twice....a big achievement for her, first time in 4 months :roll: Normally we are up 2/3 times a night, lying her back down....removing her from a wedged position etc! She never cries, just shouts! Am in process of making her an all round bumper for her cotbed, when Ive finished that we have decided she will be left unless she cries! all the time!

I love to hear how all the little ones are getting on...although I keep up with it all on FB!

Char x

hope you ladies can help :)

Posted: 24/03/2011 at 17:30
Same as above & Romper suits! At night she wore either just a sleepsuit & sleepbag or longsleeve vest & sleep bag. It used to be about 25c in our room, way too hot Congrats by the way! Its a lovely month to have a baby!!


Ideas & suggestions for big summer meet up :)

Posted: 08/03/2011 at 06:21
Birmingham is good for us I'll probs be staying over the day of the meet, & may drag OH! Have we sorted a date yet? im pretty easy on that front


Any advice on what I'm doing wrong - weaning based question

Posted: 08/03/2011 at 05:48
She could possibly be ready for more food? You could introduce a 3rd meal. To give you an idea my LOs eating/milk routine -

7/7.30 milk - Normally 5oz
8.15 Breakfast - Porridge
10ish Snack - rice cake/biscotti (if shes awake, which she rarely is!)
12.00 Lunch - Veg/Meat & pudding
1.30/2ish - Snack (As above)
3.00 Milk - 5/6oz
5.00 Tea - Meat/veg etc & pudding
6.45/7.00 Bedtime bottle 5/6oz.

I found she was only snacking on bottles, taking 3/4oz, especially at the 11am bottle, so we dropped it! She now has 3 bottles, & she good sized meals

I struggled to get milk into her at 6 months & still do now! Offer water throughout day too especially at meals.

HTH, ive babbled...sorry!!xx

Jumping on another bandwagon!!!

Posted: 04/03/2011 at 15:13
Posted on FB, but huge congrats hunni we're like you Dxxx, may time for us too!!xx
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