Post-birth healing webchat
Post-birth healing webchat

Our webchat is the chance to get answers to your intimate questions about post-birth healing.

Expert Rachel Foux (pictured) has over 13 years experience in women’s health and holistic healing as a qualified maternity and fertility therapist.

She will be with us on babyexpert for a LIVE webchat on THURSDAY Feb 5, 12-1pm giving answers to your questions about genital healing and recovery following birth.

Perhaps you're worried about the aftermath of tearing or an episiotomy, or want to know how to re-ignite your sex life after birth? Maybe giving birth has left you with some body issues that you are embarrassed to raise with your GP or midwife? Join Rachel on the Traumatic births messageboard on THursday 12-1pm to post your questions.

Rachel has worked extensively with Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London’s prestigious Harley Street clinics, NHS trust birthing units and private practices providing support, talks and advice on sex, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal issues.

She aims to prepare women and couples for a positive birthing experience, as well as facilitate emotional and physical recovery from traumatic and difficult deliveries. Rachel has a practice in Hertforshire and offers a selection of services including one-to-one therapy and couples counselling.

The first 10 babyexpert members to post a relevant question in the webchat will receive a 25ml bottle of Yes® organic vaginal lubricant, worth £5.39.

Natural and based on plant extracts, Yes® is the world’s only certified organic range of intimate use lubricants and moisturisers. Yes® products are completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, containing no chemicals and skin irritants, and are hypoallergenic.

Yes® products are so pure and effective they can be used to ease discomfort as freely and frequently as the body requires.

The company's co-founder Susi Lennox explains, 'As a result of a lack of natural lubrication many women find having sex uncomfortable and their sex lives can suffer as a result.

'A comfortable, naturally moist vagina which responds to sexual arousal with a surge of vaginal lubrication, can feel like a woman’s birthright.

'The loss of this, temporary or otherwise, can come as a shock, and be capable of undermining a woman’s sense of her innate womanliness and desirability. This can lead to frustration and a loss of intimacy, which - particularly at a time when a couple are experiencing such big changes in their lives - could be very damaging.'

Available in oil-based and water-based varieties, Yes® water-based has the dual function of outstanding lubrication and deep remoisturising. Products are available via the Yes® website and their 24 hour sales line: 0845 6448813.

Join Rachel Foux for a LIVE webchat 12-1pm on Thursday Feb 5 on the Traumatic births messageboard giving answers to your questions about genital healing and recovery following birth. 03/02/2009 09:59:00
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