Spring us some BFP's!

05/05/2012 at 21:15
Hi all, cani join you pretty please? This our first month of ttc #2 and af is due a week today (12 may) so looking to test properly Tuesday onwards... Does that sound about right? It is lovely reading all about your journeys! Congrats to those that have got your bfps and lots of luck to those working towards them x







05/05/2012 at 22:17

Welcome daisymoocow....fingers crosees for you.

Loopy...I have my fingers crossed for you.

Nevada doodles, have a fabulous holiday...hopefully it will be just the break you need.

Off to lie down and relax...baby dust to all. x x





05/05/2012 at 23:04
I thought about going to the dr's as i've never missed a period ever so I just wanted to confirm it to know it's a definate no. I'll keep you informed

It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live






06/05/2012 at 16:28
Nevada, what tests are you using and are you using first morning pee? X
06/05/2012 at 22:49

welcome daisymoocow, best of luck for testing on Tuesday!!  Dont be too disappointed if its bfn as you're testing quite early

Nevada, I cant believe you're body is messing you about like this, hope you get a postive test very very soon.  Maybe a trip to the docs would be a good idea...

Loopy.....aaaaaaaaaaaaw throwing massive amounts of baby dust your way, good luck for tomorrow morning....eeeek sooooo exciting....dont leave us hanging this time :P

Still nothing to report from me, been having a few wee crampy/stabbing pains but Ive no idea if it could be baby related or not......  might think about testing next weekend although I'll only be cd23 next Friday.....tho as Im sure Ive mentioned before my cycles vary month to month so we shall see what happens xx




07/05/2012 at 07:44
Good luck loopy xxx Nevada doodles any sign? I think going for a blood test is a good idea especially since you are now over a week late xxx 8dpo for me today, nothing to report.
07/05/2012 at 07:45
Oops sorry meant to say hello to daisymoocow hope your stay in ttc is a short one xxxx
07/05/2012 at 08:07
Welcome daisymoocow. Still no sign of ad Nevada? Loopy, fc tightly for you this morning. My temp dropped loads this morning but haven't had a +opk yet so not too sure what's going on. Ovulation cramps are horrible again with the clomide my tummy feels bruised! Can't wait to stop the stuff!
07/05/2012 at 08:44

Good luck, Loopy!

Nevada-Doodles - hope you get some answers soon.

Welcome Daisymoocow, hope you're stay is short and sweet.




07/05/2012 at 08:44

Andi30xx, hope your cramps are not too hideous. Hot water bottle on the belly? Ben and Jerry's ice-cream?

Loopy, still fingers crossed for you...

I think I have become obsessed about the ovulation sticks....is it very obvious when it is positive? I think i am due tomorrow and don't want to miss it this month!

Rosapenny...maybe we have a lot of shy bodies this month, nothing to report and then suddenly it will be happy BFNs all over the place!

Off to do some baking I think to distract me!





07/05/2012 at 09:06
Ladies I'm writing the post that i'd never thought I'd write....just got my BFP!!!!!! Absolutely shocked, I can't believe it! Thank u so much to u all for all your support through many, many months I couldn't have done it without u all my love Lynsey xxxxxx


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07/05/2012 at 09:11
Ooooooh Loopy! Let me be first to congratulate you. Brilliant news. Bet you're in shock!
07/05/2012 at 09:22

Woo hoo.....time to celebrate, or at least jump around the room a little bit! Congrats  Loopy.

SammyHam - we must have posted at same time, how you doing?

Off to have a celebratory cup of tea - peppermint mind in honour of Loopy's good news





07/05/2012 at 09:30
Oh loopy! How amazing! Many many congrats and here's to a healthy and happy 9 months! X







07/05/2012 at 09:33
what fab news Loopy , i am sooooooooo happy for you , fab news !!!!!! So glad it worled , after all u have been through u and hubby sooooo deserve this !!!!!!! Oh and please dont leave us ib ttc , we d be lost without u !!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
07/05/2012 at 09:34
OMG OMG OMG OMG - Loopy I am so so chuffed for you. You deserve it so much, you have been such a rock to everybody on here and been so lovely when people announced their BFP's even though it must have been hard for you. I am genuinely so pleased for you. You have made my day! Xxxx
07/05/2012 at 09:41
Oh loopy, I'm sitting here crying tears of pure happiness for you right now!!!! I am so happy, this is a bfp that's been a long time coming, you are going to be a wonderful mummy. Huge congratulations to you Lynsey and your hubby, I hope you have a very happy and healthy 9 months xxxxxx
07/05/2012 at 09:48

CONGRATULATIONS LYNSEY!!!!  I'm soooooooooooooo thrilled for you and your hubby! xxx

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07/05/2012 at 09:50

Isn't it great news? I know I haven't been on here long, but it makes me really happy when something lovely happens to someone so nice : )

Very much experiencing the warm fuzzies!





07/05/2012 at 09:54

YES YES YES oh i am so happy 4 u & hubby Lynsey  u so deserve it hunni feeling very tearful now preg symptoms lol u will understand this lol

Well done

Billie xx