Spring us some BFP's!

18/04/2012 at 18:20

So sorry af got you mummy060409, I was counting on us both this month!!!

18/04/2012 at 20:41

*still no sign* but Ive been feeling crampy all day like she is on her way....she may be here by the morning.

aw I hate this waiting game......to make it worse Ive been invited to my friends on Friday night for a few drinks, thankfully she knows we are ttc but if I get my bfp she will be one of the first to know......again as she was the first with my ds lol.

Also.....bloody work are organising their xmas night out for 14th december, will need to think of some kind of excuse to not go as SURELY I will be pregnant by then lol.





18/04/2012 at 21:35

hi undecided thankyou, carnt wait but abit nervous too as keep gettin belly ache, as for bin nearly half way i doubt it but wud be very pleased if she did say im about 15 weeks lol knowing my luck i will only be no more than 8 weeks just be my luck that. will let u all know how things go though.  so sorry af got u mummy060409. good luck to thoses still waitin to test and hope every1 is doin fine ? xx

18/04/2012 at 21:43
Thanks carioke and alison xxxx
18/04/2012 at 23:50

Sorry that the witch has caught some of you.

Good luck to those waiting to test soon!

Flying visit as the other half thinks that I need more sleep!



19/04/2012 at 03:30

Loopy- I actually live in Australia so it's a little different here, it's $80 per session but I get about 70% back through my private health insurance. It is quite pricy but figure I'm not really spending money on other ttc things so why not... I haven't told dh how much it is yet though, but I don't imagine he'll tell me not to gotp. He can see how emotional I'm getting over all this so I think he's hoping that it will help my state of mind as well

In other news, I bought eBay cheapie opk's and have been using them For the last week or two and have had a light second line, though not dark enough to be positive but the last two days it's been almost non-existent which is really frustrating as I'm due to ov in 2 or 3 days I thought. I shouldn't be surprised I guess, I seem to never get a positive but I thought it was just cuz I tested at the wrong time. And sorry if tmi but me cm it virtually no existent as well so i have no idea how it could possibly work this cycle. Safe to say use lost my pma from the other day.

Ok winge over... Back to your usual broadcasting






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19/04/2012 at 08:06

Alison - good luck today. I felt movement at 14 weeks x

Loopy - sorry you still weren't quite ready but at least you are building up and not got to wait as follicles are too big. They know what they are doing and want it to be just perfect. You will have your BFP very soon, i can feel it!! xx

Sian - how is the sickness? Does anything help? All i could literally stomach was plain crisps until i hit 13 weeks and then it just disappeared overnight!

Good luck to others testing.


19/04/2012 at 08:13
Hi ladies how is everyone? Slowly getting used to the new site.. My inbox has never been so busy!! Well 8dpo, full of rotten cold still, cramping but that's usual for me. Af should be due at the weekend.
19/04/2012 at 10:23

mummy060409: so sorry the witch got you hun. Just wanted to say that I know 6 months seems like a long time ttc when you got pregnant so quickly before but I honestly think that most people take up to the year mark. It very rare to fall pregnant in the first month, I’m sure you’ll get there and I’m sure there is nothing wrong.

undecideduk2: I just really hope I get a BFP sooner rather than later, the longer the IUI is going on the less PMA I have of it working. I’ve got my 7th scan tonight so I’m really hoping and praying that things will have progressed. I hope the morning sickness passes for you soon hun.

BryonyMcM: I really hope the witch stays away hun.

mrslennon: I would definitely try the accupunture if I wasn’t paying for the fertility treatment. My DH tried to talk me out of reflexology too but I went, I think he’s a bit sceptical about it all.

gemba44: I really hope you’re right hun, a BFP would be a dream come true its just so hard to imagine it ever happening now. I hope your pregnancy is going well.

andi30xx: I hope the witch stays away for you too hun. I’m not getting hardly any emails I only have one now and again. I’m not used to this site at all, I can’t see who has posted to the threads that I was subscribed to and ladies apologies but I can’t update the front page anymore either I think this is something that they are working on though so it will be back up and running when I can.

AFM I’ve got my 7th scan today at 6pm. A mixed bag of emotions really I’m super excited to go to see how my follicles are getting along but also super nervous that its not going to be good news again.


19/04/2012 at 10:25

I give up! Hope you can make it out x


19/04/2012 at 11:16

I've managed to make it out, Loopy, so hope the other ladies can too.

Really hope it's good news at your scan! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.




19/04/2012 at 11:19

Thanks SammyHamuk  hope everything is ok with you x


19/04/2012 at 11:42

Loopy good luck for today hun. I hope your follies are ready.

Mrs Lennon -  Thats brilliant that you get most of the money back. I really hope you get as much benefit from the treatments as I did. Best luck

Mumm060409 - so sorry af got you I hope next month is luckier for you

Bryony - fingers still tightly crossed for you

Alison - good luck for your scan today

SIan - how you keeping - lol at only managing salad

TO everyone I have missed or who is testing soon good luck xx

AFM am struggling with the new site a bit but sure will get used to it. Am now 5 weeks today! YEY, only real symtpom is triedness and sore boobies, occassional wave of nausea and sensitive nose but thats it. I want more!!! I know give it time


19/04/2012 at 11:55

thanks loopy, i hope the witch stays away aswell. Its not getting any easier though. I still get my hopes up every cycle. I really hope this next scan will be the good one.

bryony, i really hope the witch has stayed away for you.

Any ladies that temp using fertilityfriend, any idea what the white dot indicates on my chart at 7dpo?

My Ovulation Chart

19/04/2012 at 12:04

Andi - I think the white dot means that it could be a piece of misleading information because you tempted at a different time or something. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'm new to FF!)



19/04/2012 at 12:15

thank you sammyhamuk, think your right. i went into it and changed the time by 10mins then it went blue again!

19/04/2012 at 15:43

hi every1 just to inform you ive had my scan and all is well at moment but gotta go back for another scan in may as the midwife was wrong im not bout 15 wks 2day i only measured 7 wks and 3 days which gives me a date ov the 3rd dec (3 days before partners bday) lol could change wen i go bk for my proper dating scan but i would say it will only go 2wards nov no later than 3rd dec. hope every1 else is fine n we need some more bfp's. how did ur scan go loopy ? xx

19/04/2012 at 15:54

Andi  the white dot was just that a sligh time difference or somehing. Glad you fixed it.

Alison22uk - congratulations glad all went well with scan even if due date is a little later xx

Loopy - hope alls ok x


19/04/2012 at 16:09

No problem, Andi.

Alison22uk - Glad the scan went well.

Hope everyone else is well




19/04/2012 at 16:30

Hello all

just a quick update:

  • editing posts: I'm trying to push this job through quickly - I'm hoping for tomorrow or Monday - I'll keep you updated
  • keeping on top of updated threads - I've specced a new 'my followed threads' page, which will be like the 'latest posts' page, but only showing threads you're subscribed to. Target: mid next week
  • Loopy: all that messy code in your earlier messages is a bug that sometimes happens when you paste messages in. Our developer Paul is onto that, and I'll tidy up the messages myself now
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