Spring us some BFP's!

07/03/2012 at 16:57
Definitely think it's nice to hear from the "graduates". Gives me a bit of hope.

Loopy - Holy moly! That's a long time to be TTC, really hope this is your month. AF is due 31st March if you wanted to add that onto front page.




07/03/2012 at 19:38
oooo new thread fingers crossed its the announcing type. quick post on phone and can't scroll up so going off memory.

hello newbies good luck and welcome x

rosapenny i hope your mum starts to feel better soon.

andi hope your app goes well. i think it was you who had a app sorry if i am wrong.

fingers crossed everyone waiting for af or to test. campaign against the witch is on. if we all treat her badly she might go on strike.

loopy hi hope your getting that positive thinking going. come on girl its your turn now but you can't leave us either. its not allowed xxx

sian you do make me laugh so much. i was reading your suggestions for this thread and laughing at you chatting away to yourself. also you have to stay as you and loopy have been my pillars of support and expert advice and agony aunts so would not be same without you.

sorry to all i missed but crap memory.

well i got my first positive opk but didn't manage to bd as hubs had been doing so much overtime and just conked out. tut tut. we have a few times tho so fingers crossed.

good luck being thrown around so get catching ladies.

project march is on.

messy xxx
08/03/2012 at 04:50
Just at the hospital waiting....

spot the woman, not heavily pregnant... oh yes, that'll be me!
08/03/2012 at 04:57
Hi ladies can I please join I'm due af around the 14 March so will test if no af good luck to every one and congats to all the bfp so far. Xxx
08/03/2012 at 05:13
Good luck Andi xx
08/03/2012 at 05:17
Good luck Andi xx

Rosapenny - I am so sorry your mums is not well. It was every second dose of chemo that affected my mum the most. Her chemo was delayed for a week to allow the platelets to build up again. I hope your mum is ok - plenty of rest and eat as much as she can stomach. I hope you are ok . PM me if you want to talk some more big hugs for you and your mum x x x


08/03/2012 at 05:32
Rosapenny glad to hear you are feeling better but so sorry your mum is suffering with the chemo How long will it take for the remaining 2 treatments?

Messy88 glad I make you laugh, I know I write stuff then think ???????oh that's daft??????? but cant be bothered to delete and start again so I just carry on rambling! Yay for +ve OPK, still plenty of time to BD

Andi I should have mentioned about the pg ladies at the hosp, sorry I totally forgot. Sounds like your hosp is same as mine - all the pg ladies getting their scans are next to the ladies waiting to see fertility docs... sigh... Let us know how you got on

Loopy I am so jealous of your pamper evening, I need one of those!

Jessiepud I noticed veiny boobs the week before I got my BFP and definitely rate the +ve thinking - FC!!

Blue_xstarx can you ring your GP and ask about the chickenpox? I will look in my book tonight and see if it mentions anything. I'm such a saddo, always looking stuff up in books!

Bryony hopefully the man flu will shift before ov!




08/03/2012 at 05:55
JessiePud glad you managed to resist the urge to test!
Veiny (.)(.)'s are definitely a good sign

Andi30xx good luck with the hospital appointment let us know how you get on hun. I love your new profile picture by the way. I really feel for you in the hospital with all the heavily pregnant ladies hun, I just find myself staring at the tummies!

Blue_xStarx so sorry to hear that your son has chickenpox I hope he is feeling better soon.

Rosapenny so sorry to hear that the chemo is taking its toll on your mum, I hope she is feeling better soon and the witch stays away for you hun you're not out yet.

BryonyMcM sorry to hear that your hubby has man-flu I hope you still manage to get some bedding in hun. I've updated your testing date.

SammyHamuk I've added you to the front page hun, yes we've been ttc for what feels like an eternity! I really hope the HSG has helped this month or we have more luck when we begin IUI at the end of March so it looks like we'll be going down the assisted conception route unfortunately. I hope your stay is short and sweet.

Messy88 hope you are ok and that you've still managed to catch the egg lol!

jay79uk welcome, I've added you to the front page.

Sianuk11 the pamper evening didn't really go to plan as I ended up on the internet buying Lionel Richie tickets (I have a secret obsession with the man) for my birthday lol but I did manage to do a face mask and paint my nails whilst on the laptop. I hope you are keeping well.
Another high today on my CBFM so will be jumping on DH tonight (sorry if TMI) and I've got a sneaking suspicion that I might have my first peak tomorrow from looking at the stick. Do you think it is more important to bed on the first or 2nd peak? If we bd tonight and get a high tomorrow I think DH might object to bding three nights in a row, he'll be ok with two but I know he'll want a night off lol! Really looking forward to the weekend as all our family is coming to stay with us have you all got anything nice planned?

I emailed the fertility clinic yesterday and she said that she hasn't had the results of my HSG yet so she'll chase it up for me today. I'm sure its fine as the nurse said but it will be nice to have the ok from the doctor too. I have to ring on CD1 and we can get started ekkkkk so excited!!!!! x


08/03/2012 at 06:50
Hello new ladies *waves*

rosapenny, im sorry your mums being hit hard by the chemo, the last few were the worst with my mum and they were delayed because she was also too ill to have the chemo. completley agree with blue star, try and get your mum to eat what ever she can, my mum stopped eating and that really worried me x (((hugs)))

loopy, hope the results of the hsg are good. Im trying to be a little bit more positive, hence the new profile pic...im givinig sians 'P Theory' a go!
hope you manage to convince hubs into dtd loads over ov x

jessiepuds, sounds like a good sign and well done for stepping away from the test!

bryony, sorry hubs isnt too well, dose him up so you can get bd'ing

messy88, hope you managed to catch ov

sorry to anyone ive missed.

thanks everyone for the good wishes for my appointment. well after the initial shock of being surrounded by pregnant women (nearly had a tear) the doc was really nice. Its official apparently, 'unexplained infertility' she went through our results so far and doesnt feel the need to repeat any of the tests. Ive been booked in for a scan of tubes etc (is this the HSG?) but she was pretty adament that that will be all clear.
She spoke to me about Clomide, and that it was the only thing that they would be able to try with us, she said it should move ov forward and 'strengthen' ov, although she felt there is no problem with an lp of 8-10 days.
Other than that, she feels assisted conception/ivf will be the only option and of course we are not entitled to this on the NHS.
So I dont really have any options, Ive taken the prescription for clomide, maybe its worth a go. then if still no bfp after the three cycles then think me and hubs need to work out what next!... oh well
08/03/2012 at 08:23
Andi I'm glad the doc was really nice. I hope the clomid will help you get your bfp, and definately rate the positive thinking and trying to relax as much as possible, I know that's easier said than done.

Rosapenny sorry to hear your mum isn't too good, hope she picks up soon Hun. Glad you are feeling better. Any more spotting?

Blue star hope your son feels better soon., have you had it before? hopefully you won't get it from him.

Loopy it's great things are moving for you, hope your results come in soon it is nice to have the confirmation all is ok. I hope you never get to cd1 as I hope you bfp comes first. I've nothing much planned this weekend we are decorating dd new bedroom (she's moving out the nursery) so prob be getting on with that hope you have a lovely weekend with your family.

Hi jay79uk nice to have you on the thread

Bryony I hope hubs feels better soon. Jump on him anyway

Sian oooh you've got me excited lol must stay calm ha ha

Hope everyone else is ok

11dpo... Days hurry up lol... Xxx


08/03/2012 at 08:28
Hi ladies, I find it hard to keep up with you all so when I say Hi, good luck and FC I mean all you lovely ladies on here who are so supportive throughout this whole TTC journey!xx
Bluexstarx- yes the OV sticks seem to be working for me now; got a pos last month on CD15 and CD18 this month then the day after I get cramping on my left side all day, so hoping that means I'm OV'ing!
Andy-hope you feel ok after seeing doc!!
Jessiepud-FC for a BFP.
BrionyMcM- my DH has manflu too. hopefully we managed it at the right time for this month! I gave him a night off last night!! :lol:
hope everyone is well xx
Edited: 08/03/2012 at 08:34
08/03/2012 at 08:38
Andi - Sorry you were surrounded by PG women. Im surprised they dont seperate the waiting rooms though. Im sure they do at my local hospital. I hope the clomid brings you sucess. There are lots of sucess stories out there. Great to hear an 8 - 10 day lp isnt causing you a problem. I really hope the clomid works and you dont have to look at financing IVF.

Jessiepud- Im fairly sure I have had it before. My mum cant rememeber and I forgot to ask the doctor when I took him but I do have a memory of being allowed to play with a friend who had it because I had had it before when I was little. not to worry I suppose. I impressed 11 dpo and you havent tested. You are strong. am waiting for your **whispers** bfp post

Sian- I googled it - there is a risk if you havent had it before but i am fairly sure I have. There are some complications in pregnancy but the site i looked at said minimal in first 12 weeks. Besides I suppose I can only deal with these things as they stand and right now Im not pregnant so am going to not worry about it until it happens . I hope your keeping well and indulge yourself in a pamper night soon

Loopy - i find shopping just as relaxing as pampering that is until the bank statement arrived. Enjoy Lionel! Im still holding out hold you wont need the IUI but at least you are ready to go . Stay positive.

Jay - Hello and welcome - good luck for testing

Messy - you would still be in with a good shout if you jump on hubby tonight. good luck xx


08/03/2012 at 08:42
carioke our posts crossed - it does sound like you are ovulating to me so definately in with a chance this month. I still worry that I need to bd as soon as the smiley face appears. I am stil debating whether or not we did enough - bd twice 24 hours before positive opk once within 18 hours of positive opk and once within 36- 48 hours of opk. Hmm now I have written it down it looks fine. I am such a panicker!!


08/03/2012 at 08:54
I've been much more relaxed this month but then when I got a pos on cd18 and dh came home from work with a cold I went in to panic mode and thought we wouldn't be in with a chance but then he managed it bless him. I can't believe how much luck you need for a BFP!! we must all be doing our best at DTD at the right time!!
08/03/2012 at 09:47
Blue star don't encourage me, I'm counting on you girls to tell me off for wanting to test ha ha. Glad you think you've had chicken pox before hopefully you won't get it then

Carioke hope you've caught ov



08/03/2012 at 09:47
Hi Andi30xx just wanted to say that glad your appointment went well at the hospital, I hope the clomid works for you hun. Have you thought about trying IUI? That's what we are trying and it is usually recommended for unexplained fertility. We've worked out that we can have 3x IUI and it won't cost as much as even one IVF treatment. Good luck with whatever you decide x


08/03/2012 at 11:19
Hi all

Andi Glad the appointment went ok it is horrid seen lots of bump u get major bump envy i was offered clomid but fell preg month b4 i was due to take

jessiepud fc 4 u hope its your bfp hun

briony hope your oh's man flu is not too bad 4 u

Loopy sound like a gud week end 4 u hope u get your results soon & they r gud news & loving the tickets answer to your ? with my ds i had lots of tests done eg blood test even a lap op then a month b4 i concieved i had the lap/dye done & bang it worked i had cut done on caffine & tried to eat better etc i also had the lap/dye done & fell preg 2 months later ( had done my back in so not much bding) so i really hope it works 4 u & everyone else soon

I had a letter today 4 my booking in appointment with mw at hosp 4 next week where bloods done etc & 1st scan booked 4 the 17th April i really hope lots more of u enjoy this soon

lots of babydust 2u all

Billie xx




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08/03/2012 at 11:59
Hi everyone, and nice to see a new thread. Let's hope its even more lucky than the last one!

Andi, hope it wasn't too bad at the hospital. When I went to book in for my erpc after my mc I was surrounded by pregnant ladies going for scans and it was upsetting.

Good luck to everyone testing soon or patiently waiting. I am still waiting for someone to announce their bfp after trying my raise, spread & push technique! :lol:
08/03/2012 at 12:44
OaksMikasMummy 17th April is my birthday



08/03/2012 at 12:44
Woluk I did try the lift spread push technique. I'm not sure I mastered it though. It felt wrong pushing iykwim. Af due on Monday so will let you know x