Mystery Rash? post viral?

09/03/2010 at 15:13
Hello, looking for expert mummy guidance on random rash my DS has come up with.

He had a temperature on Saturday and slept lots, with aid of calpol, Sunday was fine back to normal, then monday he looked pale and after lunch he developed a red spotty rash on his legs, feet and hands!

I did panic it was chicken pox but spoke to HV and she said unlikely as usually starts on body before limbs, could be post viral. What is a post viral rash and should i be doing anything?

Its stayed the same today and hasn't got it anywhere else, just hands, feet and legs?! it looks red and pimply (like lots of flea bites - but i promise he hasn't got fleas)! hehe

Have any of you experienced a post viral rash and does this sound like it? I thought it would have faded a bit by now, or should i just be paranoid mummy and rush him to the doctors in the morning? (If i listened to NHS online, i'd be freaking out - they think it could be measles! but he's had his mmr and still only those limited areas)
09/03/2010 at 15:31
Grr, BE ate my reply!

I hope your lo is feeling better soon hun.

Both my girls have had rashes that were caused by virus, it's just the virus coming out. There's not much you can do, it usually goes in a couple of days. It's hard to tell what you're dealing with when it comes to rashes, so might be worth a trip to the docs just for reassurance. My 2 tend to get a rash of small red spots, quite flat and usually on the chest/neck but often on the legs and back too. HTH.

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09/03/2010 at 16:08
We've had several viral rashes - slightly raised pimple spots all over body. They can last quite a while, my lo had one last Mon and finally faded on Saturday. The only symptoms he'd had were a runny nose and cough. Took him to gp and she said def viral would be obvious if chicken pox and measles very unlikely! Gp said as a rule if lo has worrying symptoms drowsy, not drinking, no energy with the rash take him to gp if lo seems ok then don't as viral rashes are common. He did have a very bad rash this time especially on his face so I feel glad I went! Perhaps see how you feel in the morn. Could go just for reassurance. Hope it goes soon xx

10/03/2010 at 14:03
my ds had hand foot and mouth viral last summer. sounds very similar to what ur ds has. i googled it ( im terrible for googling things) and its nothing too worry about. we had ds as the docs but there was nothing he could give him as it was a viral infection and would fix itself - i then also caught it ( which is unusual as adults have normally built up immunity) .

hope this helps - might help see if its the same sort of thing effecting ur ds - other than that may also be a teething rash? my lo had this as well and it only appeared on his legs and looked like mosquito bites but would rnadomly fade away but then come back again hours later.
10/03/2010 at 15:42
hi hun, Evie had a chest infection with temp and things a couple of weeks ago, then seemed better for a good few days, then a mystery rash appeared. it began on her face around her lips, then her hands and feet. then she got it behind her knees and random spots all over her body. it didnt irritate her, she had no other symptoms, i thought it was hand foot and mouth, but apparently it was viral.. said the doctor. non contageous too. xx
10/03/2010 at 15:48
I think el-07 you may have hit the nail on the head with hand, foot and mouth!

I'm always loath to google things in case i scare myself silly with something scary (mind you NHS online symptom checker came up with measles!)

The symptoms and patterns fit really well with how he's been and where and how his rash looks, so that means we are contagious and probably better not go swimming tomorrow!

Did try and get doctors appt today but no joy, but seems the power of BE beats the snotty receptionist everytime!

You have made this mummy much calmer and happier! THANK YOU!
10/03/2010 at 16:16

did that work? tried to upload a pic of evie's spotty foot/leg!
10/03/2010 at 16:25
yeh googling things isnt always the best thing to do - im terrible for it, but do use nhs website quite a bit as atleast its facts and not just peoples opinions!

the self diagnosing thing on nhs can be a bit of a pain - but then i suppose its take on things is if in doubt speak to someone as ive ended up on the phone to nhs 24 a good few times in my sons 1st year, only to come across as a crazy worried mum!

hopefully youll see an improvement in ur lo over the next few days, but if your still worried go to your docs, after all thats what they're there for.

11/03/2010 at 15:04
El-07 you were right!! Doctor agreed this morning it's hand foot and mouth - classic symptoms, he even dragged the student doctors into have a look! My DS thought it was most amusing to have them all looking at his toes! hehe

Interestingly though Doctor says guidelines are no confinement. ie if LO went to nursery/school he could still go with this rash despite www saying very contagious! we skipped swimming just in case and went and terrorised some ducks instead!
11/03/2010 at 16:28
thats good - well not good but you know what i mean, i think its onyl contagious before the rash appears ( like chicken pox etc..) my ds managed to pass it on to his little friend but he had been in contact with her before we knew he had it, think it was about 3 days before rash appeared.

hope ur lo doesnt struggle too much with it, my ds was pretty good with it, whereas i thought it was murder! see trying to drive with little spots between my fingers and on my palms, was horrible! im so much more of a wimp than my son!!!
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