wont stop kicking!!

04/04/2008 at 14:31
I know this is going to sound odd but has anyone any tips to stop baby kicking? i do love her kicks but i CANNOT concentrate on anyhting when she does as i am mesmerised but i cant keep stopping work! Ruby has kicked non stop all day and i am beginning to ache they are sooo strong.xxx
also the top of my belly button has gone odd, like a small bubble-anyone else got/get this?xxx

04/04/2008 at 14:37
Havn't got the belly button but am with you on the kicking...my friend freaked out today as she was standing quite away away and saw the baby kick...she was like OMG that must hurt!!! To make matters worse I have had another growth spurt, really thought I would've stopped growing by now as 32 weeks, and people just stare at my belly now and at work every customer asks about bump, i think my manager (male) is getting annoyed about it but only 2 weeks til mat leave so he can lump it!!!
Havn't got any tips on how to stop them tho hun, sorry.

Katie and bambino.x x x
04/04/2008 at 14:54
Hmm Katiemac you have defo not stopped growing! My bump has just had another growth spurt (hopefully the last one). It's hard to sit down because the rest of me is squished by this huge hard lump!

I haven't had the kicks hurting problem though. They definitely get stronger the further you go but I haven't been in pain with them. You can't stop them! I did used to find that when I moved around, they would stop, but not anymore. My lo used to be quiet but now he kicks constantly and I mean constantly! (Except at night which is a blessing!) xxxxx


04/04/2008 at 15:00
o god! she wont stop, i just want a breather! it is awful, she kicked so bad i almost fell on a manager today. i think they are pissed off at work as all the guys stood around for about 4 hours today watching her kick, they were talking to her, rubbing her and stuff, it was sweet but 4 hours?!?!
i have 7weeks to go til mat leave. i have also had another growth spurt measuring huge 33cm.xxx

04/04/2008 at 15:06
Bloody hell 33cm! You must have soooo much water. Are they keeping an eye on you?

I am measuring 35cm! But I do think that fundal height measurments are really stupid as they have no idea what is baby, water, placenta, etc, especially in the 2nd trimester. xxx


04/04/2008 at 15:12
yeah have another scan in 8 weeks as ruby is slightly small(only a little) but i have a lot of fluid, my bump is huge and uncomfortable and when i say im only 6months i get the typical twins comments. my midwife thinks fundal heights is daft too but only did it for student to practice. i was kinda shocked though, get remeasured on thursday so hope she has stayed the same.xxxxxx

04/04/2008 at 16:30
Ok girls I'm now very worried....how are you measuring your bumps as I must be doing it wrong as I'm measuring a hell of a lot bigger than the 2 of you!!! x x x
04/04/2008 at 16:47
what are u measuring katie? place the tape measure under neath your bump up to the top i think, thats how my midwife did it-though i wasnt paying much attention. if we are measuring around i am bloody huge 46inches!!!!!!xxx

04/04/2008 at 16:58
God knows what I'm bloody doing...pregnancy blonde brain!!!

I understand now...I thought your 31 and 35cm measurments were around your bumps...lol....
I'm such a num nut!!!

I'm measuring 35cm upwards and 49 inches around.

Bless you zoey, I am gonna stop moaning about being huge as I'm 8 weeks in front of you and only 4 inches bigger.

Has Ruby calmed down this evening??x x x

04/04/2008 at 17:03
nope she is going for a record, my stomach looks mental!!!
thanks katie-feel great now not haha! yup my bumps awful i just feel like a fat blob.!!! you look gorge tho.xxx

04/04/2008 at 17:09
Ahh sorry hun..I really didn't mean it like that...I felt guilty that I was winging about belly growing again and you must be suffering more. You have a fabulous bump with no bloody strechmarks( v. jealous!!) so by no means is is awful!!! x x x

04/04/2008 at 17:13
im kidding hon-just at the fed up satge about 10 weeks early haha.
i just know there's a big stretchy waiting for when my back is turned. . . my belly butons sooooooooooo odd.xxx

04/04/2008 at 17:17
Oooh bump photos lol! My avatar is of me at 32 weeks! I am bigger now.

Katie your mw has to measure your fundus height, you won't get it right if you do it yourself as they have to feel where the top of the womb is and then down to the pubic bone. The same person has to do it every time. At 34 weeks my midwife was on a course and the mw who did my visit got it wrong! Made me scared I was having a huge bubs lol but when my usual mw measured I was back to normal. xxxx


04/04/2008 at 17:24
tiger lily, my bump now at 24weeks looks like the size in your pic.sob sob.xx you look great though.xx

04/04/2008 at 17:30
Ah at least you don't have stretchmarks though. I have so many it looks like I am on my sixth kid not my first!!! My bump looks disgusting what with stretchmarks, a rash where they itch, and scars where my belly button piercing used to be....aaarrrrghhh. Never wearing a bikini EVER again! xxxx


04/04/2008 at 17:43
ooo hon, weel just think it wont be long and ul have your gorge little baby and it will all be worth it!
i do have a rash-where my skin is stretching-just waiting for the bloody stretchys now. . . .xxx

04/04/2008 at 17:53
hi zoey, you're little ruby sounds hyper! LOL

Last night I lie in bed about 10ish and lo moved the most to date - she moved from lower left to my right side - was fascinated watching it - looked really funny with lumps and bumps moving like mad - can see why they're fascinated at your work - lo normally just kicks me early/late pm - sleepy in the day - feel bit achy today to tell you the truth - no stretchmarks yet but some small veins showing on the sides oh no!!! didn't have them with DS1 and 2.
Hope she goes to sleep soon. chelle

p.s. saw a friend today and she thinks I'm going to have an 11 pounder - noooooo! my tum is big my DS1 was 6lb 5 and 2nd 7lb 10 - don't worry I look big too I'm more bigger at the sides though!

chelle x
e.d.d 4th july
04/04/2008 at 17:59
aw thanks chelle, Ruby is actually a little small but i am carry alot of extra fluid-so hoping she wont be to big. i just didnt expect so much movement or this degree of discomfort when i have so lon gleft-kinda disheartening. though i love her kicks just could do with a little break, feeling soo tender.xx

05/04/2008 at 04:45
Hi my lo has just started to really kick especialy when ds is trying to go to sleep on me, im just waiting for lo to kick that hard ds goes flying lol I am the size of a whale i look ready to pop and feel like im going to havent been measured yet as my mw dont start to measure until 24 weeks so will be measured on tue, with my 2 though dd was 8lb 9 1/2 and ds was 10 lb on the nose and each time i was big so im dreading the size of this one the estimate on the growth chart in my notes going off the other 2 is 11 lb + but have to have a scan at 36 weeks for size and they will set me off early if he is going to be big as it was hard work squeezing my ds out lol
vikki xx
05/04/2008 at 08:12
Mine kicks me quite a bit. It can be quite violent at times - not good when you're driving! I find it's worse at night and last night I was woken up with it kicking it was so hard. It is like its Dad though, I wake up with bruises on my legs cos he wriggles and kicks all night long. He's always been like it since a child. I am trying to get used to him kicking and wriggling next to me and baby doing the same in my tummy lol!
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