when does baby go head down?

12/05/2008 at 05:50
My baby is always really, really high, sometimes i cant sit down or lean forward because shes so high up by my ribs. When do they start to move for the head down position? a few people have said she should be doing it about now.


12/05/2008 at 06:05
Hi Tasha my lo turned head down at about 31 weeks however the midwife said that they can turn back round a few times before they will be concerned. Said that from 36 weeks thats when they will be looking to check that baby is head down and staying that way. By the was as I said mine is head down but still can always get comfortable as his/her feet are in my ribs! Tammi xxx
35.2 wks
12/05/2008 at 06:10
hi hun,my baby has been head down since about 26 weeks and started engaging at bout 36wks but they are all different.Although she is head down and engaged i do dtill get uncomfortable and cant bend down well as her bum is just under by boobs!! hanna 38wks xx
12/05/2008 at 16:16

Im 30 weeks and saw m/wife today. she said head was down but not to worry if it moved again. I'm sure it only happened last night as my belly suddenly went all over the place and it made me feel sick. I'm more uncomfortable now than ever! dont worry, it will happen. x
13/05/2008 at 03:12
i am not sure when my baby went head down,she wasnt at 20 weeks scan but was already engaged at 24weeks which is very early but my midwife said most babies dont turn until 28 weeks plus usually 32wks ish but each one is different so dont worry.xxx


13/05/2008 at 04:25
Mine went head down on saturday but it had come back up by the time they did an ultrasound on sunday.
13/05/2008 at 04:38
Ur baby might be head down just not engaged. This is the situation that im in baby is in a nice head down position but its head is just sitting on the rim of my pelvis and isnt engaged, as like you my bump is really high and i get feet and stuff jibbing me in the ribs. At 32wks though most babies aren't engaged they say about 36wks for first babies and it could be anything up until labour with subsequent children, so i wouldn't worry, Kerry xxx

10/12/2012 at 05:34

hi...i am 33 weeks now my baby is head  up position when my baby will go head down position

10/01/2013 at 16:28
My baby is laying across my belly and has been for like forever! And I'm scared she's not gonna move head down I want a natural birth do you think she will move !?:/
14/01/2013 at 09:22
14/01/2013 at 11:06

Sadly it will come down to your baby, how much room they have to move and when they feel ready - my 1st was head down at 22wks into term but my 2nd waited until 36wks into term before turning.  Generally if baby hasn't turned by 36wks your MW will either try to turn them externally through ECV or will book you for c-sec.




















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