signs labour is near

07/05/2007 at 08:33
im 37+2 and ive been getting alot of niggly back pain. also strong and more frequent braxton hicks less movements from the baby, but really painful down below when he does move around. and as of this morning ive had mild diarrhea, been to the loo 7 times already! could all this be signs labour is near? or just wishful thinking? are there any other symptoms to look out for? xx
07/05/2007 at 08:37
sounds like positive sighns to me!!!! fingers crossed 4 you. i had the runs few weeks back (tmi) and thought yippea, the clearout, and had the opposite since lol also had major nesting going on now i just feel lazy again!! been losing my mucus plug nrly 2 weeks also, and just started wit the braxtons again, im due in a week, getting less hopeful of early arrival now!!! x
07/05/2007 at 08:40
Signs of Labour

Term Description
Bloody Show Your mucous plug seals the opening of the cervix. As the cervix thins and relaxes, the plug is dislodged and will look like blood-tinged mucous. Labour could be imminent, hours, or even days away.
Contractions You've been having contractions for most of your pregnancy as your uterus and body prepare for delivery. Most of these contractions are painless. Towards your due date, these contractions may increase in frequency and intensity.
Diarrhoea Birth hormones can cause abdominal cramps. This is nature's way of emptying your intestines to make room for the baby's passage through the birth canal.
Dilatation Dilatation is the process of your cervix opening up to allow for passage of the baby. Full dilatation is 10 cm.
False Labour Usually felt in the lower abdomen and groin. They usually don't follow a regular pattern and will eventually stop.
Rupture of Membranes Also called "water breaking" is amniotic fluid surrounding your baby inside your uterus. It may trickle out or gush.
True Labour Tends to start at the top of your uterus radiating down through your abdomen and lower back. They will develop a regular pattern and grow in intensity and frequency. A change of activity will not stop true labour. found this helpful!!!
07/05/2007 at 08:40
I havent had any children yet or experienced labour as im only 29+5 weeks, but from what i have read it seems to point that way.

I hope it is for you as i can imagine how impatient you must feel, as i do already!!!!!!!! I Just want him out now but i still have just over 10 weeks which feels like a year!!!!!!!

Best of luck, Tess*
07/05/2007 at 08:41
Hello, I'm just the same as you! am 37+5 and for the past 4 days i've had braxton hicks, sometimes every 10 minutes for a couple of hours then they stop for a while. think i am in false labour as it's not building up to anything! must be getting ready though.
07/05/2007 at 08:41
theres still time yet carlielaine! ive been terribly constipated for a few weeks now, so in a way its nice i can actually go!! lol. xx
07/05/2007 at 08:42
wow t bear, myne didnt start draging til bout 10 weeks lol, you must be more impatient than i am xx
07/05/2007 at 08:45

Early Warning Signs For Labour
It's not like it is in the movies. When a woman goes into labour, there is rarely a gush of fluid and then a mind-blowing cramp that doubles her over in screaming agony that must be answered with a panicked rush to the hospital. No, the onset of labour is a surprisingly gradual thing and a woman in tune with her body will see the warning signs long before contractions make her growl.
When any of the following happen, a woman can be sure that labour is on it's way. It may take a few hours or a few days, but it's happening. All she should do is make sure her hospital bag is packed, have a bite to eat and get some sleep - things are about to get very busy!
Before contractions start, many women will develop a backache. This isn't the same soreness many women get from carrying their baby around up front. No, this is a deep ache that will happen in the lower back from the hips to the top of the pelvic bones. It won't feel like pain, but it will feel annoying and inescapable: position changes will not remedy this type of back ache.
When a baby has ???????dropped???????, usually a few weeks before birth for first-time mums and a few days or hours before birth for more experienced mums, it puts pressure on the pelvis. This is one reason for some of the backache, but mainly the backache is due to actual contractions. Of course, the contractions are so mild that most women would never feel them. But, they do show up as a persistent dull lower back ache. Non-pregnant women will also feel this at the onset of menstrution and throughout their period.
Menstruation is a good analogy for the feelings a women gets before labour begins. Just as with menstruation, the cervix needs to open (though just a tiny bit) and the uterus must provide gentle crontractions to move the menstrual blood out of the body. If a woman feels ???????period cramps??????? near the end of her pergnancy, it's a very good sign that her body is about to go into labour.
This is one of the least pleasant sign that labour is approaching. In order to ensure that there is maximum room for a baby to pass out of the uterus and through the birth canal, a woman's body evacuates her bowels before labour happens.
If a pregnant woman finds that she is suddenly experiencing loose stools and multiple trips to the bathroom, that is her body's way of saying, ???????you're baby will be arriving soon.??????? Mums should keep well hydrated and continue eating to sate their hunger. Women with constipation problems may find that their body goes through a couples days worth of diarrhea, often spaced a few days or weeks apart, to help ensure the body voids as much stool as possible. Sometimes the contractions of the bowels required to move the stool out of the body can be mistaken for labour. Women should always keep calm when they experience this and call their healthcare provider or their doula for assurance.
It sound almost comical: a woman approaching labour gets a sudden insatiable urge to tackle a big homemaking project. It is true, though. Women nearing labour often get an urge to clean, decorate or organize. I, myself, wound up on the bathroom floor scrubbing a dirty shower stall at 2am while my husband pleaded with me to go to bed and rest. I gave birth two days later.
The important thing to remember is to keep it simple and light. Women shouldn't be doing hard labour, hauling heavy objects or climbing ladders in their last trimester. The urge to nest is a primal urge to make sure there is a safe place for baby to be after birth, so don't ignore it, but don't overdo it either. Partners will usually be happy to do the harder jobs for their pregnant wives and girlfriends.
Shivering or Trembling
Some women, without being cold or physically exhausted, may experience shivering or trembling before labour begins. Changes in the hormones responsible for helping to trigger labour may cause shaking. If the shaking is disconcerting, a woman can call her healthcare provider or her doula for guidance.
If a woman recognizes any of these very early labour symptoms, she should first make sure she is ready for labour to begin. Is she rested? Has she made arrangements for pets or other children? Is the hospital bag packed or are all the supplies for a homebirth ready? Is she hydrated and has she eaten? Are the baby supplies available for when baby arrives? Is the carseat installed in the car?
This is the time to make sure all the last minute preparations are made. This is not the time to panic. Some women will want to talk with their healthcare providers, but they don't need to unless they want assurance on specific issues. Women should definitely call or email their doulas to let them know that things are slowly beginning to happen. This is not a sign that labour has officially begun, but it is a sign that labour will begin very soon.
i pasted this as i also found this informative as there isnt much on early signs is there!!! fingers crossed any day now lol xx
07/05/2007 at 08:52
I have 10+2 weeks left, i am so stressed at the mo & i know this sounds awful but i really cant wait to have a stiff drink. I am not a big drinker anyway but i seriously want one now!!!

I have loads of energy & its great, i did all the baby's washing & ironing this wkend & just about got everything but the pram which i am ordering on line anyway so im bored***
07/05/2007 at 08:55
ill second that lol all i can think about (after meeting my son) is a good drink, and i mean a good few!!! its what i have missed the most, my weekender bender lol x
07/05/2007 at 08:55
thanks! i suddenly feel very nervous! lol. xx
07/05/2007 at 08:57
lol bless you, should give you more runs lol, every morn when i read how many days are left on here my belly turns and sure enough i have to go to the loo lol but how i see it now is, i gotta do it, and with everypassing day his head is that bit bigger (ouch) lol and once its done its done!!! x
07/05/2007 at 08:58
be careful about ordering your pram online. i did 7 weeks ago and its still not arrived! its a new model tho, apparently the release date has been set back. even still when i ordered it they told me it would only take 3 weeks! so p*ssed off!! .xx
07/05/2007 at 08:59
My sister had all 3 of her children early, do you think that could happen to me. Well not this early but say at 36 wks???
07/05/2007 at 09:01
t bear, i dont think this makes much difference to yours, but i truly havent a clue lol my mums longest was an hour, my first 7 hours. hey yummy mummy, hope it arrives in time!!! i got myne ages ago xx have you been having the snotty show (sorry) ?
07/05/2007 at 09:02
Oh dear, the problem is i am on crutches due to SPD & the shop is a good 40 min drive away, that is the nearest mamas & papas. My o/h dumped me last wk so i am not asking him for any favours as i am too proud!!! God i need a cigarette & i havent even had one since i found out at 6 wks that i was pg*
07/05/2007 at 09:04
My sister had her first baby at 32 wks (i think), 2nd at 33 wks & last one at 34 wks.
07/05/2007 at 09:08
last i heard the pram was due to arrive end of may, this is the 3rd time now they have put the dates back! god help them if they do it again! yeah i think i had a show about 2 weeks ago, but not all of it. been getting alot of snotty discharge since then, not sure if its discharge or more of the plug. its slighty white/green (sorry!) but def snotty! do you think it could be still coming away?
07/05/2007 at 10:37
what about hot flushes? could this be a sign too, or is it just part of the joys of being pregnant? xx
07/05/2007 at 10:44
I get them all the time!