PLEASE HELP!! Which is the best double buggy??

03/03/2010 at 05:09
Hi thanks for reading!
I will have an 11 month old girl and a newborn, and am desperatly trying to figure out which is the best pushchair!!!???

I would prefer a tandem but I'd really like to be able to have babies facing me still (especially the newborn) I'd also like something that can be pushed on grass or other off-road surfaces! for country walks etc so no tiny wheels.

Dont care about the budget as this pram HAS to be right! and has to last a good few years! as they will be so close together I need to be able to lay them both back for sleeping too!

03/03/2010 at 05:26
how about the i candy ( cant remember which one soz) plus ive seen a rly good one but dont knpow the make. Ill google and post the link
03/03/2010 at 05:29

this must be new! i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
03/03/2010 at 05:52
i think the doubles that allow you to have lo's facing you is the icandy pear or peach blossom, and then the bebecar vector, all others face away xxxx
03/03/2010 at 07:19
I found FAB double that does all this but at work at the mo - when I get home I will dig out the webstie for you

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03/03/2010 at 08:11
The city little nipper is a great one but does not face forward..

I have the Mamas and Papas Jet Pulse Double but again it is just a forward facing pushchair. I also had the Urban Detour double which is wonderful but again both are forward facing. Easy to push but a bit heavy to lift and large to go in the car.

This one is really good but expensive.
03/03/2010 at 09:00
Wow!! they are both AWESOME!!! thank you!! I love the first one! I like them both being the same level! brilliant!! I hadn't seen that one before thank you!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
03/03/2010 at 09:03
o and the mamas and papas!! didn't know they did doubles!! thank you so much for these!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
03/03/2010 at 09:08
No probs. I LOVE them both and the 1st one is ace, pricey tho hence y we arent getting one lol. I havent seen any in any shops tho .........
03/03/2010 at 09:14
Maximum+1, cool thanks I will keep an eye out for that later then! thank you xxx
03/03/2010 at 09:36
Yes that bebecar Vector one is amazing! so is the price lol!! I just showed my Hubby and he dropped his caviar lol! (more like soggy ham sandwich!)! although I did tell him we've got 6 months until we should order one! He started his own business supplying and fitting kitchens and its taken off a little better than we thought so he is stressed to the max today already!!
He was hoping a pushchair would be around the ??300 mark! I did have to laugh at him! and show him the prices of things! men just dont have a clue do they! the one we have now (mamas & papas Skate) was mega so we bought 2nd hand. I dont want to do that again though this time! we bought it off ebay and travelled to Essex to pick it up, I was a little disappointed a bit it was shabbier than the picture on ebay, too late to say no as we ha won it and we needed one asap!! so got it home and it had a slow puncture, cost me ??17 for a new wheel, a couple of metal pins fall out that stop the carrycot see-sawing! if you tilt it to close with seat unit attached so I have to remove seat unit every time! (reason we wanted this one was so I could collapse in in Pram modebut cant do it anyway!) and the changing bag was filthy with old crisps, a dirty sock, and the change mat was missing!!

I wont be buying this next one second hand to save money! I'd rather a brand new one with a guarantee!!

I did wonder if there was anywhere we could go a bit closer to view them? as that store is miles away! we are near portsmouth!!
03/03/2010 at 12:12
i have the baby jogger city mini double and its fab,very light and easy to push,the only thing is that the seats dont face you,if your thinking of getting the icandy then i would go and try it out first as i found it very heavy and bulky,i know a few ppl have bought them and when the LO's have got a little older they have had to change the pram as it was getting to heavy

03/03/2010 at 12:29
oh here is the one I was thinking off! I am still hankering after it but think te phil and teds is more likely for us!

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03/03/2010 at 13:06
We have a Jane Powertwin. It's a tandem like the P&T, so isn't any wider than a normal pram. It is longer than the P&T but the bonuses are that it has a shopping basket and can take a car seat on either seat (so you can have the baby at the front facing the toddler, or at the back looking at you). Also, we tried the P&T and when my toddler was in the bottom bit it almost tipped over and was quite awkward to get him out of.

The Jane isn't too expensive and has all-terrain tyres (with removeable wheels). Both seats recline (the back more so than the front), the raincover is fantastic and has velcroed windows all around, and it's easy to steer one-handed.

It probably isn't as lightweight as the P&T but you only notice this when lifting it into the boot or going up a kerb with the heaviest child in the front (damn those laws of physics, lol!).

I drive but I have been on the bus with it. Like I said, it isn't as short as the P&T but I still managed to fit it behind the poles where the wheelchairs normally go (where you get 2 poles and a seat at either end?).

Oh, and the hoods are both removeable and the rear one has 2 pockets in it. There is also a bumper bar on the front which you can just whip off if your toddler wants to keep getting in and out of it (save using the straps).

My eldest is now 3 and still goes in the tandem, partly because if we walk far he gets tired and I can't carry him (or sometimes I kick him out and put shopping in his seat, lol!) and partly because if he's in a foul mood then a tantrum when he's strapped into the Jane is preferable to one in the middle of the street!


PS - It also has disc brakes (and a brake on the handle) and very good suspension. It's a dream to push on gravel / fields, etc. And if the wheels get dirty you take them off and put them in a plastic bag to save your car getting dirty (then when you get home you hose them under the tap!).
03/03/2010 at 13:07
oooo thats good as well!! thanks maximum+1!! I love that its side by side but not too wide!!!
I really need to go somewhere and try all these I think!!! xxxx
04/03/2010 at 03:08
just like to say Nolan isnt 6 weeks until monday and im already on my third double!

So make sure your 100% with your choice.

I had a pliko pramette with buggypod but this wouldnt fit through doorways and I had to take kids out even if they were asleep to get them in the house.

we also had a side by side sias/bro dbl but that was the same went through some shop doorways but not most of my local ones so i was house bound practically for weeks!
we also borrowed a graco tandam but i couldnt use public transport with it

so after much "theres no way im having one of those " from me I eventially realised I needed to forget about how the pushchair looked and get something practical that did the job and actually allowed me to leave the house lol

and we fetched a phil and teds on sunday and well although I hate the look of it its by far the vest double ive even seen/used just based on practicality.

My son loves the coocoon bit he sleeps in ans dd2 loves her high up seat. Its easy to push not heavy at all and i can get it anywhere I want.

the wheels are proper tyres so perfect for off roading /walking I just wish id have saved my self 750 quid by not bothering to buy the first two!

the whole phil and teds kit cost us ??404 which inclues the pram the double kit (converts to single afterwards if you like) coocoon and dbl raincover . they gve me a 15.00 off voucher in store so normal price is 419.99. that was in toys r us.

ive also ordered the changing bag for ??26 inc post xx
04/03/2010 at 04:50
Wombatgirl that does sound really good, I think I saw one of those in Babiesrus once (but before I was looking for a double!) I noticed the handle brake was like a cycle break!. It does pretty much everything I'd like! so that is another one to have a play with in the shop!

Stuckinlimbo, thanks for your help as well! we looked at a Phil and Ted Vibe in mothercare a couple of weeks ago, well, we were glancing and the shop assistant pounced on us!! she was certainly after some comission that day!

When I had come to terms with having babies so close the first thing I did was panic about what pram!! she gave us a demo and I pushed it around the shop and loved it! we put my daughter in it but not in the cocoon part as she was about 13 weeks and it seemed abit awkward to get her in so I didn't want to try in front of a shop full and get all flustered! I was having hot flushes already as I always do when pregnant!!

I have to be honest if we had the money at that moment we would have said "swipe it and wrap it - we'll have it" so that I could use the 3 three wheeler now until the next is born! after coming away all content thinking 'yep thats the one for us, now I can move on a panic about other things' I then realised I'm only 10 mins pregnant so cant buy a double just yet lol!! So I started looking online for them, then I saw some reviews about how the toddlers in the extension would fall asleep and end up lulling forward as the seat bit didn't recline, and how one lady said she felt worried at how low down the newborn was and how dogs that passed would try and have a sniff in the baby bit! that put me off abit!
Although I have to say I really DO like the look of them the sport and the vibe!! I have seen a couple of people with the Sport, one was bright pink with a tiny chinese baby in the cocoon part in Ikea last week, the baby looked very content and was happily looking at its fingers, but it didn't have a lot else to look at? I'm sounding quite negative about it aren't I! dont get me wrong its still one thats in the running though!!

Where on earth can I go and try ALL these suggestions out?? would the nearest and best place be that Precious Little One? or Kiddicare?? they are both over 3 hours drive from me! dam

04/03/2010 at 05:57
We also considered the P&T (VIbe as didn't like the look of the Sport) because it seemed so practical, but like I said it almost tipped over (luckily my dad caught it!) when my son was in it in the shop, and we found it pretty hard getting him in / out of it (he would have sat in the bottom as we would have had a car seat with newborn on top). Also, the hood height on the top seat was really low and when my toddler eventually went in the top bit (when newborn was old enough to go in the bottom) his head was scraping the top.

We also didn't like how the one in the bottom was basically sitting in the shopping basket - for one, you lose storage / shopping space (and have to fork out for expensive 'saddle bags' to go on the side - at EXTRA cost!), for another, my friend had one and said that her son got splashed going through puddles!

I did a spreadsheet listing all the prices, pros and cons (inc. weights and dimensions) - a bit sad I know, but we spent MONTHS looking and it was so hard to choose. Anyway, in the end we made the right decision for us and it was a very informed decision, taking into account the good and bad of each pushchair. Worth doing if you have a few spare hours, lol!

04/03/2010 at 09:12
just like to add I dont know whether its just on the new models but the second seat does recline on mine ?

We got the sport because like wombat girl says the vibe seat is smaller so the head is practically touching the hood.
04/03/2010 at 11:04
I've been looking alot too as although my son will be 25 months when baby arrives he's not walking yet so will need one as think he'll still get tired very easily.

Anyway, just to add to what others have said about phil and teds, I was admament I wouldn't get one as didn't like the fact the baby is underneath, and lack of shopping/storage spage etc, BUT after trying out several ones in a shop realsied it was the only one I could actually push up and down the fake kerb!

I had wanted a powertwin so baby could face me in car seat but was talking to a mum in there who had originally had one and said she needed physio on her back it was so heavy -so got a phil and teds after and it changed her life! So i'd defianlty recommend heading to your nearest shop and having a go.

Having said that after seeing the baby jogger city select due for release in june it looks AMAZING! Will just have to find a stockist and try it out, but so far phil and teds is winning all the way for me, about ??350 on kiddicare,

Good luck choosing - I find it so frustating I wish I could design my own!!xxx