My baby's stomach is not growing well

18/06/2007 at 15:00
Hi all, well what a last few days i've had. I had a growth scan about four weeks ago and had another one done on Thursday. They discovered that baby's stomach has grown but not much. First of all the consultant wasn't too worried and said that as all baby's other features are developing well there was nothing to worry about. As consultants do he had to speak to his boss who advised that i should have a CTG to check baby's blood flow. This turned out fine but had to have it redone on Saturday. Rang the labour ward and had to go and see them at 12. Had the CTG done but they were not happy with baby's flow as it didn't accelarate much in the 30 mins i was there so i had to wait in the hospital for 2 hours to have it redone. This time they were happy with the blood flow. I have an appointment to have another scan tomorrow. We asked the midwife who i saw on Saturday what would happen if the scan shows baby's stomach still hasn't grown. She said that it might mean the placenta has given up - they have a shelf life apparently and i might be induced i'm 36 + 2 weeks today. Has anybody experienced anything similar. Sorry for going on just getting really worried just wish i knew what was going to happen. Michelle xxx:\(
18/06/2007 at 15:36
Hi michelle, Im sorry to hear about your babies growth problems but the good thing is that it has been picked up. If you have to be induced you will be given steriods to mature your babies lungs, a baby is classed as full term from 37 weeks so try not to worry to much. Write a list of any questions you have and bring it with you as its easy to forget to ask things when you are worrying. Good luck for tommorrow, let us know how you go, i will be thinking of you x
18/06/2007 at 15:37
Michelle im sure you are worried sick. I dont know anything about your babys condition but just wanted to say im thinking about you. xxx
18/06/2007 at 15:44
Hi Michelle
Im sorry to hear what u have been going thorough,I really hope everything goes well for you at the hospital. The good thing is that they know there has been a problem with the babies growth and hopefully have found the cause being the placenta not functioning as it should. Im sure you are very worried (i havn't experienced this myself but im 36+5 so i know it must be a huge worry for you) but try not to worry if they do induce u the baby will have all the care needed because the problem has been identified early and look on the bright side 9u will get to meet ur little bundle of joy before u expected!!)
Please keep us posted how u get on 2morrow and take care, will be thinking of u and sorry i couldnt be of more help
Hannah xx
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