Middle names for Jack - throw down your ideas

28/12/2008 at 13:19
Can anyone help with middle names to go with Jack?

We have our girls names decided - first and middle names but if we have 2 boys we are stuck for a middle name to go with Jack. We both like Alexander but our surname starts with an M and am not sure about him having J.A.M as his initials.

I like Jack William but hubby doesn't - any ideas?

28/12/2008 at 13:27
jack is one of them lovely names that goes with almost every name but it does depend on your surname! what about jack rylee or jack robert??
28/12/2008 at 13:34
My son is called Jack. He's 9 weeks!! He's Jack David (David after my OH, his daddy!!)

Good choice of name!!

28/12/2008 at 13:36
my son is called jack such a great name ....he is jack laurence .........we did like jack charlie but our surname starts with b so his initials would of been j.c.b as in the digger firm lol ..............xxx
28/12/2008 at 14:09
my lil cousin is called Jack Daniel (I say little he is 16yrs old & over 6ft :lol: )

28/12/2008 at 15:21
If we have a boy he will be Jack Charlie but I also liked Jack Thomas .....

Anna (32+2)
28/12/2008 at 15:33
Jack Matthew??

Jack Michael??

We've called our son Archie William, we stuck with a middle name with the same first letter as the surname, dont know if this will help you to choose a name?? But it worked out nicely as i wanted his middle name the same as my late granddads name, as we were very close,

good luck in choosing a name !!
28/12/2008 at 15:42
My cousin has a son called jack george? if thats any help?
28/12/2008 at 16:09
Gatecrashing from ttc- I think Jack Cornelius sounds good!xxx
28/12/2008 at 16:10
Hi, I really like the name Jack. I just asked hubby - he suggested Oliver, which I think is nice too. Or maybe Edward? Oh, and he's just suggested Matthew too! xx
28/12/2008 at 16:19
My Jack is Jack Michael William, after his grandad and my great uncle. So i am biased toward Jack William! What is your OH's name? Would you have it as a middle name? Or perhaps go through your family trees to see if there is a name you like. We did that, and found that in my family we had a Levi! I loved it but sadly OH wasnt so sure lol
28/12/2008 at 17:07
Jack James? or Jack Oliver? x
28/12/2008 at 18:29
Jack Ellis? my son is Ellis Jack lol but think it goes just as well the other way!!

28/12/2008 at 20:07
my nephew is Jack David. I think Jack Daniel flows nicely but then it is my fave tipple and I kinda have it on the brain at the moment :lol: (there is a light at the end of the tunnel and JD is waiting for me :lol: )

Jack Lewis?
29/12/2008 at 05:31
What about Jack Dylan? I love the name Dylan, but can't use it cos it doesn't go with our surname.
29/12/2008 at 06:05
My dh suggested Jack Michael.

My suggestions.......

Jack David
Jack Francis
Jack William
29/12/2008 at 08:53
Everyone I though of has already been suggested, sorry!
I like Jack William best. Have you got a Grandad or anything you would like to use?
We have decided on middle names based on OH's grandparents.
29/12/2008 at 11:54
Jack Henry?

16/04/2009 at 04:25
Jack James? xx
16/04/2009 at 04:27
Ooo just realised how old this post is! Did you decide on names? xx