Measuring small at 25 weeks

18/09/2009 at 14:20
I went to the midwife yesterday for my 25 week check up (I was 25+4) and when she measured the fundal height she said it was at 22cms, so 22 weeks. She said not to worry to much and they will check it again next time and send me for a scan if they it is still low. I am a bit worried about it though as at our scan at 20+5 all the measurements were above the normal lines and they said it looked like a big ish baby. I did mention this to the midwife and she tried to reassure me again and just said I needed to make sure I took time to rest and relax (as I am back at school now and she thinks it might be a bit tiring!).
I am just worried incase it is not growing properly! :\( How accurate is this? Has anyone else had this?
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18/09/2009 at 14:36
Hi Curlygirly

I don't think FH is that accurate and can depend on the MW doing it and how she does it - different MW's can get very different results on the same day!

Also, I'm sure my MW said she won't start measuring it until 28 weeks so it may still be a little early to get an accurate result, hence why she isn't too concerned and isn't sending you for a scan straight away.

But I understand anything out of the 'ordinary' is bound to make you worry.

Love NN 23+2 xxx

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18/09/2009 at 14:52
Hi CurlyGirly, I went to see my gp yesterday for 25 wk check-up (I thought I was meant to go at 24 wks so was a wk early...duh baby brain) he measured me at 25wks, then he asked if I would mind if student measured me, she got 22wks! Its a variable test that's only approximate.

I have also been told your baby may have little growth spurts, therefore lulls too. I'm sure it really is nothing to worry about, I def think the scan is a far more accurate measurement.

Sorry to ramble! xxx
18/09/2009 at 14:54
Hi hun,

I am 39 weeks and measure 33 weeks - although growth scan says baby is already 7lb 3ozs. I am quite tall so havent showed much during my pregnancy.....this is what I looked like at 24 weeks if it helps xx

18/09/2009 at 15:29
Thanks all! It is good to hear it is quite a variable measurement! That is what my hubby has been saying but I can't help but worry! Wow it is good to hear your little one is already a good size aka lady even tho it is measuring less. xxx

18/09/2009 at 17:04
Dont worry too much at this stage, my first baby measured small the whole way through. Each time i was measured as long as it had gone up, my gp was happy. She just got concerned around 38-39 weeks when it seemed to stop, and i was sent for an extra scan and monitoring. He was fine, born at term and 7lb 8. I think its the way baby is lying that makes the difference. If you are really worried, talk to the midwife and ask if you can be re checked again

Gemm x

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19/09/2009 at 02:34
Don't worry about fundal height. I measured small, 3cm small, and had a growth scan already booked, because I've had UTI's during pregnancy. That said I was measuring fine for my dates, but because I've now got another infection, they've given me a longer course of penicillin and I have another scan at 34 weeks, just to make sure.

The scan, I think, is more accurate than the fundal height.

I hope all this makes sense as it's a bit garbled! Sorry!

26/09/2014 at 00:56

I went for my scan at 25 weeks 1 day. I am 26 weeks 3 days today, got a call from my midwife yesterday and she said measurements were small from the last scan. I quickly went through the cd I got with my scan, and it showed measurements at 23 w 6d/23w 2 days etc.. I am booked for another scan soon, though midwife said nothing to worry, it just means we have to keep closer eye on the baby and get you in for regular scans but I cannot help it.. I am very stressed right now... can't even sleep properly..

26/09/2014 at 20:24

Try not to worry, babies grow at different rates, the main thing is that your baby looks healthy and is active. My 1st child was just 5lbs 13 when born at 40 weeks but perfect. Relax as stress is no good for you or baby xx

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