Low lymphocytes - freaking out!

07/11/2010 at 18:41
hi girls,
i came out of hospital on monday after a four day stay on a drip for dehydration. i caught a bug of my daughter and my body couldnt fight it and i was admitted to hopsital with sever dehydration.
they took my blood in hosptial but no one looked at the results and they were just put in my folder as i saw them say, we'll put them in here and check later if need be.

now i have just got my folder out to look at what notes the doctors etc put and saw my blood test results. i am basically low in everything lol. But i have just been googling things to see how i can increased them as most of them are iron, potassium, sodium etc but just googled lympocrytes and my level is 0.6 when the normal range is 1.1-3.5 so working it out it would be 600 in the normal range o 1100 - 3500.

All the sites are saying about having low lympocrytes normally means cancer, HIV etc and one site says that if your levels are 600 or less then you are a high risk for hodgkins disease!!! apprently if your the levels are this low then you immune system is basically zilch and are at risk of catching everything going.
I am freaking out!!!! all the results that need checking are in bold with astreixs next to it and it is one of them! i am so annoyed that no one checked in the hospital, especially that my iron has dropped and they didnt even give me iron supplements.
i dont want to ring up the doctors incase i am just over reacting but since i am pregnant, not really sure where to go for reassurance. should i call my midwife and ask for another blood test?

arrggghh, i normally dont google things but i just had no idea what all these long words mean and all the sites say the same thing.



07/11/2010 at 18:54
I would tale your record and go see your Gp! That way they can explain and hopefully put your mind at ease and hopefully sort something with supplements etc.. Last thing you need is stress just now hun. X
07/11/2010 at 19:03
Firstly, don't worry and secondly...don't Google!! I am in the same position as you, I have a very low white blood cell count, and have had for the last 2 years. I have a son who is 3 and I am currently 7 months pregnant. I did the same as you when I first found out, and convinced myself it was Cancer. At my next appointment, I completely broke down and my doctor guessed what my fears were...and soon dismissed them. I am now under a Haemotologist, who checks my blood every 3 months, and they are not worried about me. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and this is what they think could be the cause of my low counts.
Please don't worry, but do make an appointment to see your doctor and discuss your fears.
Regarding the iron, you need to get some tablets for that. My levels are also very low and I am currently on 3 tablets a day.
Let us know how you get on. X
08/11/2010 at 02:51
Don't google!
Your low lymphocytes are most likely caused by you being ill - they have been used up fighting the infection - and your levels will return to normal levels soon - maybe ask for repeat test in 10 days or so.
Also when we are preggers immune system is slightly supressed - very clever so our bodies don't reject the 'foreign' fetus.
See your GP about the low iron levels though and please do not try to artificially increase your sodium levels eg by adding salt to food or potassium - it will have been temporarily affected by you being on a drip!
Let that be a lesson to you about Google
08/11/2010 at 09:35
I agree, your low lymphocytes are probably a result of the illness you've just been in hospital with, and pregnancy, which lowers the immune system (sort of so that your body doesn't recognise the baby as 'foreign'). the results being in bold will be automatically done by the computer system because they are outside if the normal range - they can be outside the 'normal' range and be perfectly fine, and would have been in bold if they'd been 1.09.
Such counts can be seen in cancers etc, but do not at all mean you have cancer!!
I would speak to your GP, as I think you're right to be concerned that the results haven't been acted on or explained to you at all - but please do not worry, from what I can see (6 years working in a hospital lab) they're not particularly unusual given that you are pregnant and have been ill. Your immune system has taken a bit of a battering during your illness it would seem, so you will probably be more prone to picking things up - but now you're getting better it will be picking up all the time, and it;s nothing to worry too much about, just be careful to avoid people who have bugs as much as possible at the moment, as you probably try to do while pregnant anyway.
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