Little bit of bleeding after sex

26/11/2008 at 15:06
Hi ladies,
Anyone got any advice for me.....
Sunday we went to a christening at my oh's mums, nice buffet after which had been left out in conservatory due to cold weather, didnt eat loads of it but anyway....
came home that night and had sex with my oh then went to sleep, woke up at 4am with bad tummy pains (the kind you get when you have erm.... diorhrea - bad spelling) went and sat on toilet and somehow just knew iwas bleeding, not alot, really pink and watery less than a tablespoon, went to the loo a few times, once it was all out of my system pains stopped and so did bleeding.
Rang nhs direct and they got dr to call me, who said unless loads of blood or pain nothing they can do, just have to wait.
Went to work monday and didnt feel sick all day so started to worry again which probaby didnt help, called midwife who just said the same as nhs.
Felt a bit sick tues and weds and really tired so think all is ok, no more blood at all.
anything like this happened to anyone?
P.s got my scan on 17th dec!! will be nearly 13 weeks by then, wish it was sooner!
thanks everyone, Claire 9 + 6
26/11/2008 at 15:17
Hi Claire

I don't have any solid advice so this is just my opinion, but I don't think the bleeding is anything to worry about.

Take it easy for a few weeks and try to refrain from having sex until you have had your scan.

M x :\)
26/11/2008 at 15:19
Thank you, my oh iwas so worried he announced he wouldnt be coming near me until after the birth!!!
I know bleeing is really common early on, but ive read my mags which always have horror stories in of women whose babies died 5 weeks earlier and their bodies still thought they were pregnant, i know this stuff does happen but its worrying.
26/11/2008 at 15:20
Not exactly the same but when i had my mc and went to epu the first question they asked me (because i was bleeding) was 'have you had sex recently? because sex can make you bleed but doesn't mean your gonna mc!'
If that makes sense????
Hope rest of your pregnancy goes well xxx
26/11/2008 at 15:33
Ha ha ha :lol: 9 months is a bit extreme and I very much doubt he'll be able to stick to his word.

Try to relax, easier said than done but stress causes our bodies to react in freaky ways- not good for bean.

And stop reading the horror stories

M x
26/11/2008 at 15:38
Thanks Maira, I know, in the preg mags I normally dont reas the bad bits, but then went madly searching through them. Im sure I am ok, as i would have had more bleeding, If anything more happens i will insist on a scan.
Think that buffet was a bit dodgy too which didnt help!!
26/11/2008 at 15:39
Hi, just to ease your mind a bit i bled every time i had sex when pregnant with Emma and was exactly how you described yours except most of the time i got the bleeding straight after or during (sorry tmi), i wasn't in to it very much anyway and so we just didn't do it as much (much to my hubbys despair! lol). Sometimes it just happens with pregnancy but if it gets heavy, lasts longer and you get a lot of pain then i would go and get checked but otherwise i'm sure that everything is ok.
As for your sickness, i think pregnancy symtoms just fade and come back sometimes-i know mine do, i am 25 weeks pregnant with number 2 and still have the odd day when i wake up with morning sickness whereas in the beginning i was sick every morning. x

26/11/2008 at 15:43
Thanks for your advice, Im sure everything is ok, Im off work tommorrow and am going to stay in bed rubbing my tummy (not that theres anything there yet) and just relax now. I love this website, when nhs arent that helpful i always get help here xx
26/11/2008 at 16:27
Hi Samantha. This isn't plesent but i've had blood too. It's more related to my Crohns though. Apparently when pregnant women are more prone to hemoroids which are harmless but can bleed. If you had pains like i've had (from how you described), it may be that?

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nhs is right if it's only a little then ok but as always if your concerned then worth a trip to the doctors to get it checked xx

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I am 10 weeks pregnant and my scan is nxt tuesday,
After we had sex on friday nyt I bled a little n iv been spotting ever since, iv been a&e 2twice but because I'm nt in any pain they just sent me away pretty much, is this normal ? x I'm so woriiieddddd!
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26/11/2012 at 15:14

Hiya all. 

not to scare you!! with my last pregnancy i bled at 10wks 14wks,20wks, 24wks, 30wks, 34wks.... went to a&e, had scans, ultrasoiund etc, got sent home all times. turns out i was placenta previa.(which wasnt diagnosed till 30wks)!! Had to stay in hosp from 34wks due to risk of bleed. everything was fine tho. Big Bleed in hosp so Emergency c-section at 34+5 my LO was delivered 5wks early (7lb 2oz) little fatty! we got to go home next day and she is now 14months and running wild haha!!

next time im pregnant i will be demanding second opinions for every scan. Just make sure the nurses have a good look at you so as to rule anything out. 

Im sure everything will be fine!! good luck xx

03/12/2012 at 17:06

Im 9wks plus 6 too,and have just came straight on here to ask same question,first time weve had sex in weeks(longest time without ever,never been more than 2 wks max and thats with a period in the middle) Noticed abit of blood on bedding so checked myself  and there was a spot and some when i wiped,worried me like hell,hearing on here that it can be normal after sex has eased my fears a little. But its scared me to have sex again now!! Our baby is ivf so im extra scared of losing it,as its our only chance to be parents.

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