Growth Scans & Gestational Diabetes (Also in May)

09/03/2010 at 17:30
Hi Ladies

Had my 28 week growth scan this today and I think I may be having a monster!!! (But my lovely Little (!!!!) Pink Monster!). Baby is above average in all measurements and is currently weighing 3lb 8oz!!!

They are predicting that if I go full term lo will weigh 9.5lb (ouch!!!). However they did say that it looks as if I won't be going full term as looks like gestational diabetes is developing. I had to have a GTT at 14 weeks and results were borderline so they put me on 3 times a day blood tests, which until the last couple of week have been fine, but sugar levels are now starting to creep up so looks like they may have been right

Are any of the other May Ladies suffering with Gestational Diabetes and if so have you been told that you will deliver early (if so how early)? Just feeling a bit confused (and a bit guilty that I might not be giving bubs the best start ) as no one seems to be telling me anything eg, what type of birth I will be allowed to have or an indication of when.

To top it all off today I tried to chase up my Ante-natal Classes only to be told that they are stopping doing them in my Hospital and will be replacing them with open days with different stalls covering different topics but these won't be available at the hospital until 15th May - I'll be 38 weeks by then - so now sounds as if I may not be able to have any clases before lo arrives

Apologies for the rant!!!


09/03/2010 at 18:12
I'm due in april and i also have gestational diabetes.
I saw the anaesthetist today and was told that it is likely that i will deliver at least 2 weeks early (ie 38 weeks) but (and its a big but!!) it is all dependent on how the baby is growing - basically they look at how big he is and also whether his growth is escalating.
I see my consultant next week so i'm going to be talking to them about what this means. They also said its unlikely they'd want to deliver me before 37 weeks but again this is scan dependent.
I'd ask for another appt with your consultant so you can discuss what's going to happen.
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