are runny eggs ok?

27/09/2008 at 02:11
i'm 5 weeks exactly can i eat runny eggs?

27/09/2008 at 02:33
Hi there

I am afraid its not advised

27/09/2008 at 03:20
unfortunately its one of the no no's,
It seems that everything your not ment to eat i adore.
27/09/2008 at 03:57
Im afraid not babe
i wish they were iv been wanting one now for the last 20 weeks since i found out i was pregnant, thankfully i only have 7+6 weeks intill my due date then i can have them again x
27/09/2008 at 04:04
hi no not supposed to but i eat them. i think its ridiculous that we not allowed to eat runny eggs, mr whippy or anything that MIGHT give us food poisoning!
or nuts? if we cant eat peanuts then surely we cant eat anything with peanuts in? half the supermarket then.

you can get food poisoning from anything. i personally have never had food poisoning esp from eggs or mr bloody whippy. the way i see it is i give my son mr whippy so it cant be that poisonous!

i wont eat pate as it can contain bacteria or liver as i hate it anyway. i think the diet restrictions are a tad over the top. BUT this is only my opinion and i dont knock anyone for following it lol! i dont drink as i know what the implications.
Hayley x
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27/09/2008 at 04:39
I wish!!!! :lol:

OH has strict orders that the first thing i want when i get home from the hospital is a starbucks coffee and runny eggs on toast!! x x x

27/09/2008 at 05:19
Well it is a big no no but everyone will tell you different as to whether they follow this or not. I adore runny eggs and i refrained til my 12 week scan. As soon as i had the all clear all was ok i went home and had runny eggs. I have eaten them since. I've not gone ott but also not denied myself. It is entirely your choice. I know that when you cook them you need to be careful also that all the egg white is cooked. sometime you can have that jelly like film on it. But i always make sure this is well cooked yet keeping the yolk runny.

It is your choice what you want to do, and don't let people tell you that oh its ok i've done it so just do it, or oh no you defo shouldn't do that.

i wish i had enough willpower to stick to some of the things they say you cant have. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since finding out though.

kate 34+2
27/09/2008 at 07:03
i never knew you werent allowed them, i thought it was just the whites that had to be cooked thoroughly . when i told my midwife she hit the roof! if im willing to risk food poisoning and salmonella the rest of the time for the joys of lapping up a runny yolk mmmmmmmm then im willing to risk it whilst pregnant, at the end of the day its your choice what you eat, people just warn you of what is slightly more dangerous. i understand with pate and liver as they have harmful properties to a foetus but you risk food poisoning with everything you eat really, and i love runny yolk egg butties too much to have any willpower! oooh just in the mood for one now haha think ill get the pan on

27/09/2008 at 07:42
i'm gutted! I've got ages to wait then!

Thanks ladies you're always so lovely and helpful on here.

27/09/2008 at 09:25
Why can't we have mr whippy? What is in that that we aren't allowed?

tara 9+5
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27/09/2008 at 09:32
Its raw egg Immense.. aparently mr whippy icecream has raw egg in it!! but to be honest i have had a few mr whippys in the past few weeks TUT TUT :lol: x x

27/09/2008 at 09:34

to be honest i asked the same question to two different midwives and they said it was ok, but in moderation and to cook them myself, but it is advised on the internet and in books not to have them, so i had them a wile ago but i havent fancied them since, and yeah its no no to mac d's mcflurrys and milkshakes as well, and not long ago someone put on the march forum not to eat sweet & sour from the chinese???????? just have it in moderation thats what i say, all them years ago people were having lts of bad stuff, but you are quite in early pregnancy so be careful. youl know best what to do.

27/09/2008 at 09:36
thank you - I never realised about mr whippy or mcy d's milkshakes!! Luckily I haven't had any - but I do like the milkshakes!! :lol:
27/09/2008 at 09:50
Oh god! When my morning sickness was really bad, one of the only things I could keep down was McD's milkshakes. Thank goodness I didn't know that then!

And even reading about Mr Whippy has made me want some. Oh dear.
27/09/2008 at 10:00
Its funny we crave the things we cant have, i really dont think itll do us any harm in moderation.....what ive found is that if i fancy something then i have it i dont seem to fancy it again......but i do love strawberry milkshakes.......we were in newcastle last night and we went to a chinese and i had a strawberry hoping it was milkshake, god knows...........xxxxxxx
27/09/2008 at 13:39
oh no I had a mcflurry the other day lol oh well.
I haven't had a runny egg but I've wanted one and was speaking to my mum about it the other day and she didn't even know so she still ate them with three pregnancies and everything was fine. I think if I really wanted one I'd have one as long as the yolk wasnt too runny if ya know what I mean?

27/09/2008 at 14:06
There really isnt anything better than a gorgeous boiled egg with a lush runny egg yolk, with a soilder to dip into.........yummmmmmmm
27/09/2008 at 14:13
hi ladies juts to let u know this McDs thing started really bugging me, so i had to check out their website, on there it has a list of all ingredients of all products, and guess what...... no egg in mc flurry or milkshake, so YAYS!, i tried to cut and paste it but for some reason i can't do it, plus u need adobe reader to view it, if someone else can manage it then that wld be gd, then we can all stop worrying about having a sneaky milkshake, its perfectly safe


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27/09/2008 at 17:04
I would love a runny egg sandwich, in fresh warburtons bread........
............(she sighs looking towards the frying pan) ..:cry:

27/09/2008 at 17:22
Hiya, I agree with hayleys1, the guidelines are so OTT.

No offence to anyone that does follow them you know anyone who has caught salmonella/listeria from runny eggs & soldiers?

I have known 3 people who've had salmonella and all of em got it from a chicken kebab - now they never tell you not to eat chicken kebabs do they :lol: Luckily I hate them anyway lol but I did have a few doner kebabs in my pregnancy.

I was good for the 1st 12 weeks but after that I had: runny eggs every so often, a little bit of brie at christmas, peanut butter, tea, coffee, pate, sushi, smoked salmon, medium steak, Mr Whippy, McD's milkshake and shock horror the odd beer!

Obviously I didn't eat any of these in excessive amounts and only had them a couple of times in my pregnancy but still a bit of what you fancy does you good, it's not like I was smoking, taking drugs or binge drinking!!!

One of my mates had a right go at me for eating the odd runny egg as she did not eat ANY eggs or anything with eggs in as she was so worried - come on!

Hope no one is offended xx

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