Anyone else 37+weeks and feel very angry?

01/11/2009 at 16:43
Just wondering if anyone else is feeling as aggresive and highly strung as I am??

The over whelming feeling of "god I hate everything" is really strong. I have really had enough of being pregnant now. Fed up of: my husband, his family, my family, other people asking questions, walking, going up and down stairs, realising that I am the only one who cleans and cooks to a good enough standard (lol), I'm tired, my tummy is huge and my skin is so tight it hurts, I have external thrombosed piles, very heavy discharge, my boobs ache, Hubby walked out on his job (although I agred it was right to do it has still left me worried)............................ I've just had a gutful.

I'm gaining so much sodding weight, I cant stop biting peoples heads off. My poor hubby cant do anything right. Things I WANT him to do and jobs that need doing get left (my car seat belt broke three weeks ago now, I bought a replacement for him to fit - he told he doesnt have the right tool. That was that! he just tells me to buckle it into the passenger side instead, which means I have to drive with the seat belt cutting into my neck and its awful enough driving as it is! and my car is only 3 door, so my son has to sit in the back and so will baby. Thats gonna be fun with a carseat! doing school runs NOT.
and he just sits on his fat arse whinging he is tired or has a headache. God give me strength I want to punch his lights out!! he makes my skin crawl. i cant bear him touching me, looking at me, bothering me in the bathroom, leaving skidders in the toilet, leaving his clothes on the floor, or on the moses basket, plates on the side etc. I caught him dishing up my dinner last week using a set of prongs i used to put raw meat into the oven. I went mental! he's just so stooooopid most of the time. We sleep in seperate rooms, as I cant bear to share a bed with him, I constantly look at him and think "no" I just dont want him 'that' way anymore, it was dwindling before I was pregnant - maybe now its just over????

It even annoys me that when you in the company of other pregnant women, they BLANK you or act like they hate you, I've been on three tours of birth centres/hospitals in the last few weeks and the frosty reception I have had each time from the other preggos is really weird? its like they dont like anyone else pregnant near them as if it steals their thunder or something? I dont know, but my hubby and mum have noticed it too - how they dont even talk to each other 'how are you, you look nice, when are you due' etc etc, absolutly nothing?? I suppose I expected them to be a little like you girls on here (warm and friendly) but no.

Honestly I feel so bloody annoyed at stuff, I alsmost hope my waters go when I'm home on my own and I can drive myself to the hospital and just sort it out myself. No birth partners, no annoying hubby or mother etc. Everyday I just wish everyone would go out and leave me alone.

This is so wrong. why do I feel like this? :\?


01/11/2009 at 19:42
Aww, you poor thing I do feel for you! I didn't get the same aggressive feelings in late pregnancy, but I did get bloody fed up with being enormous! I've heard other women complain of losing all patience with their OH around this time though, so I would put off any decisions about your hubby until after the birth. I hate to say it, and this will likely piss you off too, but it's most likely your hormones. Probably you are experiencing the more extreme end of the protective/nesting feelings that lots of us get.

My own experience of the weird things hormones make you feel came after the birth of my son. All through my pregnancy I was eerily serene and nothing made me flap really. But after he was born I felt soo protective of him and majorly jealous of other people picking him up. I wouldn't leave the room of someone else apart from my husband had hold of him! We were living with my in-laws at the time and I found it incredibly hard not to snatch him back from his doting grandparents, heh. I told my hubby it felt like watching him kissing another woman - he just thought I was nuts!
01/11/2009 at 21:35
Potty i feel the same lately i cannot be bothered with anyone... my family, OH family, even my OH! very strange indeed. I too just want everyone to go away and just leave me be lol
I wouldnt worry hun it is probably just our hormones. x
02/11/2009 at 04:31
Hi hun, can i just say i felt like that the weekend before i went into labour with no1!!!! i was sick of everything, fed up and in a foul mood, poor hubby! LOL my mum always says that your body knows when your fed up and has had enough and will put you into labour when you cant stick it any longer and have accepted that its your time, now this sounds like a load of crap to me but i did have lo 2 weeks early after i sat one night and told her to hurry up cause i was sick of waiting! haha. xxxx
02/11/2009 at 06:05
Im sorry but i cant stop laughing. Your rant sounds like me!!! Especially the bit about the OH winging that hes tired and cant do anything properly in the house, and the 3 door car thing!! Its nice to know im not alone.

On a different note, i felt really fed up with my second baby at 37 weeks. My toddler was driving me nuts, i felt so stressed and fed up and i went into labour 2 days later!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you

Gemm x
02/11/2009 at 06:27
I am so sorry as this will annoy you even more, but I really nearly wet myself laughing with your rant...!! I am only 32 weeks and feel EXACTLY the same..!! the bit about skidders in the loo nearly topped me off the edge..!!
The problem is my hubbie is a model one... ie, he is doing everything, bending over backwards, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, changing the beds... everything and I mean everything.... and you know what it still doesn't help !!!! So it just has to be those horrid horror-mones...
Just think any time now you will have a new gorgeous bundle to shower all your pent up love on... not long now... and I promise I will now smile and talk to every pregnant woman I see - just in case its you..!!!
Take great care of yourself and you are not alone... not by a long shot..!
A xx
02/11/2009 at 06:55
flipping heck I just wrote a reply and BE ate it!!! grrrrrrrrr lol!!

thanks for replying!

I know exactly how you feel, I dont feel like I want anyone else to hold my baby! I am so worried about people trying to take over that I will just block them all out from the start as it feels easier that way.

I've even had my mum out looking for thank you cards as well, she told me that they didnt have the right ones - it made me feel like 'hang on, this is MY baby?'

She also came into some money recently as my Nan died so my mum and dad got a hefty inheritance, one of the first things she did was buy a 5 door car as she said she needs a bigger one now because of the baby. She's bought one, and its lovely and yes I'm a little jealous!

????????????? er HELLO?? what about ME?? I'm the babies mother and I only have a 3 door?! car with a broken front seat belt and (soon to be) TWO KIDS??!!! she's a stay at home housewife with no young children and does bugger all, all day!! refuses to even iron my dads work shirts! I cant sell mine as it has outstandind finance on it from years ago (long story) so its a case of having to run it into the ground and put up with it.

I really do hope I go into labour very soon! because I think this baby needs to come out before I go TOTALLY BARMY!!

I taking so much raspberry leaf for my uterus, and now evening primrose oil to soften my cervix, oh and lots of BEGGING her to come out lol!!

Hormones have a lot to answer for!!

I have the midwife Thursday to take more blood. Joy. When I went to see her last week, she asked my how I was feeling, to which I answered RUBBISH! she said "your bloods results have come back and your anemic (level 10.5) so need some iron, had no-one rung you?"

I had a look and she was talking about results from blood taken SIX WHOLE BLOODY WEEKS EARLIER!!! so no doubt my levels were stupidly low since then!!

I am disgusted with the NHS and midwife care on offer now. So my bloods that are taken this Thursday I'll find out he results when baby is about a month old at this rate!! I;ve been taking SPATONE iron supplements twice a day so it should be ok anyway, but thats not the point! my midwife is a waste of space!

02/11/2009 at 07:09
I am seriously considering sitting on the loo and pushing until she comes out!!! the only thing stopping me is that I think I'll turn inside out and end up looking like one big lump of haemaroid! I'd be better off taking my suppositries by mouth!

Magicbean you are very lucky to have a man to help you like that! what a sweetheart he must be. When my poor hubby offers to help I practically rip his nuts off for assuming I cant DO something!! he really cant do a thing right and I feel so sorry for him 50% of the time, then the other 50% I feel like saying "will you just go away?" or I say horrible things like "your breath smells, your not wearing THAT are you?" I'm just horrible! its either that or I want to tell him go and do something useful like dig the garden path before it turns into a mud bath or clean the windows outside as it looks like we have net curtains its SO dirty! and leave the womens jobs to me!!!

When he does stuff, I have to do it again anyway! or I find myself TELLING him the exact way I like the dishwasher loaded i.e cutlery facing up not down (god I need to get life!) I'm lucky he still loves me!

Maybe you are all right and that as these feelings are taking over my mind body and soul............ maybe I am few days away from labour?!

oh the sheer joy!!!!!! bring it on!! I cant wait to have NHS staff up to their elbows in ME! not! lol

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18/08/2014 at 22:47
Wow I feel the same exact way about my BF, except I also felt like this before I was pregnant, just now that I'm pregnant his actions really open my eyes as before I guess I was more blind or in denial... I can't stand him even looking at him or hearing his voice drives me cazy! He's so loud and obnoxious it's ridiculous! And every tiny little thing pisses him off it's sooo stupid so he's always getting angry and loud at me and he's extremely sarcastic. If I'm not understanding what he's trying to say to me, he gets mad. If I couldn't hear him or make out what he said more than one time, he gets mad. If I repeat myself (which I do quite often because he has Like SERIOUS ADHD and accidentally ignores 99% of everything that comes out of my mouth.. I get that he has a medical condition, but it really only happens when his attention is occupied by something else, like tv or his phone. His phone is an entire other story because he does NOT put it down or so much as look away from the screen, he plays a videogame and talks to people on a chat room app who play with him. So I knoooow he doesn't hear most of what I say because I find myself saying "I said that already" a bazillion times a day.) sooo I repeat myself often, and if I say the same thing so much as a second time and he JUST SO HAPPENED to hear me the first time (which I would have no way of knowing because even tho he can break his attention away from his game or those people he plays with long enough to hear me say a couple words, it doesn't last long enough for him to respond.) he gets mad.

Earlier I was trying to relax in bed when I asked my son to go spend time with his daddy since my bf works from 8-4 (and when he is home he's always glued to his phone and literally doesn't even hear his own son calling out "daddy" or talking to him) so they don't get to spend much time together. well my son came back in the room and tells me "daddy can't spend time with me" I went to go find out why and what do you know, he was doing his second favorite thing in the world to do, besides playing on his phone... He was asleep. On the couch. His phone right on his chest. I freaked out. Last night my bf came to bed at 3am and told me he couldn't sleep. First off, you need to lay in bed to fall asleep. You're not gonna fall asleep playing a game or talking to people in a chat. So I started saying how he was a liar because of that, and because of how when he finally did come to bed at 3am, after justifying why he was still awake, he started snoring. I don't think he was down for 5 mins before he passed out. Um hello?! Sooo because I was freaking out and talking down about him, he felt the need to run into our sons room and tell him that I am crazy.

He's so spiteful and immature I can't handle it! I've never fought with someone in my entire life as bad as I fight with him and no one has ever made me hate them.

Idk what to do and I'm 36 weeks pregnant too so I'm scared I'll go into labor any day :\
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