29 weeks pregnant and feeling VERY heavy and in slight pain

31/03/2007 at 05:21
has anyone else has this is a very heavy pain like feeling in the pubic bone area and below?? this is my 3rd baby and it never happened with any of the other 2. it feels like the baby head is trying to get out if u no what i mean lol. i go to see my midwife on monday but surly babys head cant be enganged already or can it????
31/03/2007 at 05:27
Hi Sammy

I would ring your midwife if I was you just to be safe, Mondays two days away and a long time to be worried.
31/03/2007 at 05:29
Hi, I am 39 weeks but I have had this quite often, from about 38 weeks. Feels like I'm carrying a big bag of sand in my pants!!! Dopn't know what it is but it's not caused me any probs .
31/03/2007 at 05:38

I am 31 weeks pregnant and have been feeling like that for about a week or two. As this is my first baby I wasn't sure if it was normal or not??

I have been told I am having a big baby and she has been head down since 24 weeks. Feels like I have a football between my legs half the time and it's quite painful when I walk with the pressure of her head low down.

If anyone can advise whether this is normal I'd appreciate it too.

Sam x
31/03/2007 at 05:39
big bag of sand in your pants, I can't wait I'm only 20 weeks.... You must be excited Lytchick could be any day now!
31/03/2007 at 05:44
hi, im 32 weeks pregnant and i have been having these feelings for over a week now. i had a chat with my midwife and he said it was the babys head pushing down, and i should expect more of these pains. i never had this with my first child, so i worried too! if in doubt ask your midwife, but i have been told these pains are quite normal. xx
31/03/2007 at 06:03
yummy mummy your photo gave me a bit of a suprise!!!
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31/03/2007 at 06:04
hi. i'm 28 weeks today and i have had this feelin for quite a whils now. it feels like the baby is trying to burrow it's way out already!!!!. it is a peculiar feelin.
most babies are head down by now. but if not there is always plenty of time to turn.xxx
04/04/2007 at 15:44
its all you bits getting swollen and opening up for child birth (yuk) bet it has gone a dark colour if you fancy having a look. lol hahahahah.
22/09/2007 at 03:53
Your baby is engaged now, I think the best practice is go to the doctor.
30/04/2012 at 22:03

Yes.. very familiar feeling... I'm now at 29 weeks with my second child and have had this feeling for about a week now... it's the weight of baby and gravity pushing down and the head being in position (even though this can change between now and when the time comes!)  In addition, our muscles and ligaments are softening around the pubic and pelvic area in preparation for the 'grand opening' and arrival of the babs... 

I find if the pain becomes intense as I'm walking around, it's a good time to practise concentrating on the breath... to the point where we become our breath and detach ourself from the pain... good practise!! 

Hope this is useful and best wishes all Xx

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