When will i ovulate after miscarriage??

09/01/2010 at 14:02
Hi everyone,
I started bleeding on 20th Dec (8 weeks preg) went to the EPU and had a scan on 23rd Dec who advised me i was miscarrying . I continued to bleed like a period with small clots (some times quite heavy) and passed what looked like the sac (about an inch 1/2 long) on 1st Jan. My bleeding then slowed down and stopped on Tues 5th Jan. I have not bled since.

What date was my miscarriage was it when i started bleeding or passed the sac? When am I likely to ovulate?

I also took hpt today and got a very faint line, does this mean i will not be ovulating as there is still HCG in my system? Will OPK's work just now?

My husband and I are keen to ttc again and started on Tuesday(when bleeding stopped), the doc had said this would be fine as the scan showed there was no medical reason for the miscarriage and i appeared healthy.

Are we doing the right thing...should we wait?

Thanks for any advice!

Louise xx
10/01/2010 at 05:12
Hi I'm sorry for your loss it's not easy going through mc I have had 3 to date sadly!!!!! I was advised after to wait until I'd had At least one period after mc bleed, so then charting ov becomes easier, you can catch before this but it makes dating very difficult and doc also advised it was
better for my body to have a period first!!!!! Not that it made any difference to us mind you we needed fertility treatment in the end as I have pcos!!!!!!
Wishing you the best of luck and sending loads of sticky baby dust your way
Sianni xxxxxxx
10/01/2010 at 10:34
I am really sorry for your loss, I still get upset thinking about itnow. as for ovulating after miscarriage I had an ERPC and my 1st period showed up just after 6 weeks later so I must have ovulated 4 weeks after erpc I then went on to ovulate as normal (after 2 wks) and caught that cycle, Im glad we did have the 1 af after just for peace of mind, but yu hav to do what feels right for you. as yours was natural it should return more quickly, but your hcg has to e below a certain level before you will ovulate again

all the best of luck ttc Love Luc xxx
10/01/2010 at 13:49
Hi there,

So sorry for your loss. I had an ERPC like Luc and we started TTC about a week and a half afterwards. I spoke to lots of people who said medically there was no need to wait - it was more for your emotional well-being. I am of the belief that your body won't get pg again until it is ready to. However, if you are going to worry if you got pg this cycle then perhaps wait until you have had your first period - pregnancy is worrying enough after a mc so you don't want any unnecessary worries. As for when you ovulate - it could be within a couple of weeks of your MC or sometimes the first few cycles after a MC are much longer, so it may be a while later. I got told to use the date of my ERPC as CD1. Not sure if this helps.

Really hope you get your positive very soon. In the meantime, I found posting in the TTC after MC forum really helpful (or in this forum!!) - it's nice to speak to people who understand.

Ruth xx

10/01/2010 at 15:26
So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, life can be so cruel sometimes but your positive attitude is coming through.

I had an ERPC after a MMC in July, 1 week later I got a neagtive HPT and OV'ed exactly 14 days after my ERPC. AF arrived 14 days later and we caught on our next cycle and am now 20+6 with a little boy.

These forums are a source of fantastic support. Good luck and I hope you get a sticky BFP soon.

Love Blue Gecko 20+6
13/01/2010 at 06:38
So sorry for your loss. I had a misscarriage in Oct 04 at 8+3 and was told to wait untill I had a normal period first. I however felt I had to start trying right away and as soon as the bleeding stopped we started trying. I did not use OPK's as sometimes these cannot work after MC, so just ensured we tried every other night. Sure enough I got a BFP 6 weeks later, which meant I OV 4 weeks after MC. I carried full term and was told by my consultant that MC can make the womb easier to get pregnant straight away if no complications.

This year I MC again in August at 5+2 and decided to follow my method of trying right away. Again I got a BFP after 8 weeks (longer due to diagnosed PCOS) and am now 18+1!

If you feel you are ready to try then I say go for it,there is hope and if there is nothing medically wrong then why not! My consultant says the womb is more hospitable after MC, which is why i think I got 2 BFP after my MC.

Good luck and sending lots and lots of baby dust your way.

Shellybells xx

13/01/2010 at 07:35
Thanks for the replies girls!!

We have decided to just go for it... I got a neg HPT and started using OPK's on Sunday 10th (CD10).

I got negatives on the OPK's until yesterday CD12 when I got a smiley face at 12pm and again at 19.30pm...

I know the OPK's might not be reliable after M/c but I have been having other symptoms of ovulation so it might be it....

We are just going to go with it and see what happens... been bd since 5th Jan most nights and plan to keep going for the next few days...

fingers crossed and thanks for the advice everyone!

Shellybells your story gives me hope! xx
13/01/2010 at 08:43
Another update... I tested again today and got a negative so I think i might have ovulated last night or will be today or tomorrow...

fingers crossed xx
13/01/2010 at 19:09
Hi there,

Sorry for your loss. Its really difficult to deal with and every women reacts differently both physically and emotionally. When I had my miscarriage my husbnad and I resumed normal activity as soon as I had stopped bleeding. We weren't consciencly trying again but just didn't use contraception as we had got out of the way of it from trying before. I never dreamed we would get pregnant again faster than at least a few months and we just enjoyed sex again as a couple. But I got pregnant in the next cycle and didn't have a period in between the mc and getting pregnant. The docs said that it was no problem at all not to have had a period and any issues with dating were dealt with by an early scan. I know how incredibly lucky we were and it won't happen to every person but its important to know that it can happen in the next cycle and there is physically no problem with it, though emotionally it was certainly a bit difficult as I was happy on one had to be pregnant but still upset from the mc on the other.

Good luck with ttc and be kind to yourself!

25/06/2012 at 20:34

Hi, I've been reading these forums for a couple of weeks now as I sadly experienced a missed miscarriage, finding out on my 12 week dating scan

Whilst I have had great comfort in reading everyones stories and also had answers that my GP/ gynae doctor have not provided there is one thing puzzling me. Can you get pregnant if you still have HCG in your system as I am still testing positive on pregnancy test nearly a month on but also deperate to try again. I know its not romantic but don't want to keep try if theres little point and I'm not going to ovulate until this leaves my system.


Any answers welcomed

29/11/2012 at 14:15

hey every1 jus posting to look for abit of advice i recently had a m/c around 6 weeks ago, i had a period 4 weeks after the m/c n have been having sex after only a couple of times, its been around a week since my last period n i was jus wondering if i could get pregnant n if so could i be now? n would it be too early to test? any info would b much appreciated, thanks !!

02/01/2013 at 10:07

hi can anyone tell me i had an eptopic or mc mid nov i havent bleed since but i tested and im 3+ on a clear blue pregnancy test. Could this be the same baby? could it be my body hasnt corrected its self or could it be a new pregnancy im so confused and scared about goin to hospital as if its to small to see they will think im havin an eptopic agen

20/01/2013 at 03:34

hi everyone, i had mc on 26 dec and bleed/spotted until 10 jan. its been about 4 weeks. my partner and i have been trying since the 10th. i took a preg test yesterday and a faint line came up. being confused on whether or not its left over HCG or pregs?? i tried clear blue today and it came up preg 1-2 wks. the last blood test i had for HCG on the 6 jan was still at 122. its so confusing, i wish i knew either way and the doctors would give you more info about all this stuff. i


23/01/2013 at 21:36
23/01/2013 at 21:40
Hi, I had the same as you, started bleeding on 25th Dec (6 weeks pregnant) and bleeding totally stopped on 10th Jan. It was all natural with medical intervention (bar a scan to check it was all finished). We have been having sex since 10th, mainly due to my ridiculously high sex drive now (hormones I guess). I haven't taken any tests or anything, I suppose I have a laid back view of it all. I think the best thing to do would be to wait a few more weeks to see if your period returns. If it doesn't perhaps take another pregnancy test and see? I know it's hard waiting, but if it happens it happens.
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Lost a baby girl due to amnio when 15 wks, this was January 22, 2012.Found out was pregnant again after trying for 6mths.. On February 5th @ 5 weeks pregnant- started spotting .Had my blood drawn to confirm m/c. Did opt today it was negative..

19/02/2013 at 10:05

8 weeks into pregnancy,i had a miscarriage which was Dec 13th, 2012 and my next period was on the Feb 1st, 2013... i am quite bothered about knowing if my cycle will change cuz my cycle is 31 days which means am due to ovulate on the 17th. i usually have symptoms of ovulation prior to that time,but this time around there was no sign of it,though my partner and i have been doing the thing. Could i possibly have had an early ovulation or am just having a delayed ovulation?