10 year old with breast pain

14/04/2008 at 07:44
hi this is prob a bit strange but my daughter is 10 years old and is very worried as for the last week she has had a sore left breast and says she can feel a lump which she cant feel in the other one ive said its all part of growing up is this right do we have reason to b worried can any one help
16/04/2008 at 10:23
Sorry if this is a bit obvious but sometimes simple things get over looked. Has she started her period yet? A friend of mine had a daughter of 8 years old start her period so it is quite possible that the pain in her breast is caused by her body preparing for her first. When it comes to lumps and bumps again this can be related to periods. Best thing to do if it doesn't seem to disappear or gets any bigger is to get it checked at GPs. At your daughters age as well it could simply be growing pains/change in hormones.

Hope that's helps a bit?!
16/04/2008 at 15:07
It could be growing pains in her boobs. Does she understand that they will be growing soon?? If not now might be a good time to tell her and to explain that this could be a reason for her pain. I would also explain to her that sometimes people get bad lumps in their boobs and give her the option of seeing the doc.
This kind of thing makes me glad my eldest (a boy) is only 6!!
17/04/2008 at 03:49
My friends daughter had this and for about 2-3 weeks had the startings of a boob on her left side while still totally flat the other!!! Not long after she went running into her mum's bedroom at 6am one morning coz the other side had 'appeared' over night!!!!

Certainly does sound like she's 'sprouting' hun. Watch out for mood swings etc, if she's not had any already - u mite start to see a pattern emerging as to when she mite be pre-menstral etc.
17/04/2008 at 04:20
hi ya all thanks very much i have told her it might b to do with growing up its good aswel as she has just learnt all about it at school so that helps we went to docs to ease her mind and doc said it was just her boob growing . and she has had a few really bad weeks with moods seems more chilled this week though no period yet but aint far off i doubt .
18/04/2008 at 06:37
Thanks for this one, my 9 year old has just told me today that her boob is hurting and so we had the talk about growing up this morning before school!
24/04/2008 at 09:18
hi i have a 16yr old and an 11 yr old, my eldest was 11 when she started her periods and my 2nd was 10, but they started with pubity and mood swings at about 8 yrs old. Apparently and it was true with both my girls that once they hit the 7 stone mark and have under arm hair showing they can start their periods. so just look out for them signs and you'll have an idea when its coming
24/03/2013 at 16:47

MY daughter she is 7yrs she feel pain in the  right brest and small swalling and she is pain in the left side but no swalling what i will do please help me

01/02/2014 at 05:25

i have it to i went to the doctor he  said it was just hormones and that my breasts will be coming in soon as well as my period

22/09/2014 at 10:42

cool thanks peops my 9 yr old is developing boobs but has told me they hurt first one then the other this morning I presumed it was to do with onset of puberty so will wait n see I think my middle daughter is 11 and started her periods day after her 11th and she is a C cup already but didnt have any anxietys just strolled through as did my eldest daughter .

10/10/2014 at 13:22

My nipples are sore and itch any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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