Strange things our babies do!

01/07/2011 at 11:03
Thought I would find out if anyone else is experiencing our babies doing odd things? My LO has some odd habits and in the back of mind I was thinking if they were normal. I have put my mind at rest now by goggling it but thought we could share incase it helps anyone else.
My LO:
- lifts her legs and slams them down on the bottom of the cot
- Bangs one leg down time and time again when she is in her bouncer, on the floor or on the changing mat. Always her straight left leg and ooo = it sounds like it hurts!
- Takes a deep breathe when sleeping then stop breathing before taking another breath!
- Strokes the side of her head when trying to get to sleep - Meaning less hair on one side!!
- Takes hold of our finger when feeding a bottle then pulls the bottle in and out of her mouth when she feels like
- Goes to sleep with one eye half open!!
- Squeeks if something is too cold or the wind blows on her!
- refuses all teethers as finds her hand better even tho that must hurt too

Anything your LOs do that you find odd or amussing?

16/07/2011 at 00:48
Hia yes Jacob dos do the banging on the mattress with his legs first thing in the morning think he's trying to break out. X
16/07/2011 at 12:59
Harry lifts his legs and bangs them down on the bottom of his cot too. He also grabs my fingers and pulls the bottle out of his mouth when I'm feeding him and sleeps with one or both eyes half open. He also pulls his bib up over his face and leaves it there or pulls a muslin over his face - I think he likes the feel of it. And he pulls his dummy out of his mouth and then waves it around or stares at it for ages!

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