Late midwife appointment

25/03/2011 at 12:23
Hi Ladies hope your all well today

Bit of a winge but I knew this was gonna happen after being discharged from fertility clinic I went to docs who did the midwife referal but my appointment to book with midwife isn't until 13th April by which i'll be 10-11 weeks so am now concerned i'll not get my scan at 12 weeks! The midwifes round me are rubbish.

Has anyone else had late booking in appointment but still had scan on time? xx

25/03/2011 at 13:01
Hi chick

With my little boy, Alex, I was nearly 8 weeks pregnant by the time I kind out due to not having af between finishing the pill and getting I was nearly 11 weeks when I had my booking in appointment and she made sure they rushed my scan through to get it in time.

Is there any way that you can contact your mw team and explain that you're having a late booking in appointment and can they get your scan ordered now? This time round Im not seeing the mw until I'll be nearly 9 weeks but when I rang the mw time to confirm my pregnancy they said they'd get my request in then (think I was about 5 weeks preg at time of calling) to book my scan in time for 12 weeks.

Might just be the way they do it in my area but might be worth a phone call!

Hope all gets sorted and my garbled message makes some sense! X
26/03/2011 at 12:04
Hi Mummya, I have my MW app when I'm 10.5 weeks too which is fine because they only do them at the weekends at the hospital here and we are away the weekend before (with my first I would have been just as anxious as you as I think it's quite late, I was 8 weeks with my first) but they book the scan seperately so without seeing the MW first which is is good (I don't think they did it this way round last time) so I have that app too when I am nearly 13 weeks.

Maybe call your docs(they arranged my scan not the MW) and see if they can put in for your scan or see if they already have and you just haven't heard anything. Worth a shot! It is all a bit of a panic though I agree and I can understand your worries x

26/03/2011 at 12:14
Hi Thanks for replies I think I will make some calls next week see if I can get a scan date to x

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