HSG Bleeding

12/12/2010 at 09:26
Hi Guys,
Just hoping for a bit of advice or setting my mind to rest.

As you might have read, I had my HSG on Tues a.m, about 9.30. It all went well, no problems, minimal pain, no bleeding immediatly afterwards as they warned there might be-the results were all normal.

But I started bleeding the Wed evening, about 36 hours after the procedure. It has just been like a light period, with some clots, but not the usual brownish discharge that I normally get at the start of af. This is still continuing today (Sun) so is the 5th day and I'm starting to be concerned. I called the fertility clinic on Friday and they just said (in a rather monotone, auto-pilot way "it is normal to bleed after hsg, take some paracetomol if you have any pain". But should I still be bleeding now?

I was kind-of hoping that we could be lucky enough to concieve naturally, as I was feeling so much more normal after 2 weeks on provera and a withdrawal bleed. Or is there a chance that this is my normal af?

I really feel like this pointless procedure, which was just done a part of the process, as my consultant didn't feel I had any condition that this would diagnose, could now have set me back considerably :cry::cry:

Any ideas, girls??? xxx
16/12/2010 at 18:39
Just for info, for others who may go through this. I continued to bleed (very heavy spotting) for 7 days. Eventually did stop, but still a little tender during bd. Not puttng me off, though! I'm hoping this was kind-of normal, although not usual perhaps??

My **** opk's havn't arrived from mazon, so I can't tell if I'm ovulating, but I'm hopeful!!!

18/12/2010 at 04:11
Hey WM,

Sorry you've had bleeding with hsg. Please don't see it as pointless though as you wouldn't be able to move forward without it. After mine, which was all clear, my consultant tried me on clomid and on 2nd cycle got bfp.

I know it's horrible but I tried to see it as a stepping stone to getting something else to help me.

I was told higher chance of bfp after hsg as it gives your tubes a spring clean! xxxx


21/12/2010 at 05:59
Hey, sorry I've not been on in a while! Not sure about the bleeding, but totally agree about the spring clean .

I had AF a couple of weeks after my HSG and it was normal, but I'm still spotting 5 days after she left. Not sure how normal that is? We're going to go for it this month with OPKS etc. to maximise our chances.

Good luck xx
21/12/2010 at 06:41
I had my HSG done in 2008, i had an awful result from mine (two blocked tubes) but did have some horrendous bleeding after which was very unexpected.

I ended up going in to see the consultant because of the results not the bleeding but when i mentioned it he said that sometimes when they open the cervix out of normal cycle times it can trigger some hormone that can make it think its AF time especially if you have already ov'd.

He also mentioned that people who suffer with endo ( i do) can often experiance more bleeding.

As mafia princess said please don't think its a pointless test, its good u got a great result as you can progress now with futher testing and avoid others.

Good luck



21/12/2010 at 14:34
Thank guys, I've got over myself a bit now- I was just so frustrated with the bleeding after the procedure being so straight-forward!

Plus side now, is that we can keep hoping for this month, but not be too down-hearted if nothing happens, as we can start clomid next month!!
22/12/2010 at 11:14
Hey WM. I am g/cing but just wanted to say that I got my BFP the month of my HSG (after 18 months of ttc). I really believed it cleared me out. And it's definitely not a waste of time as it means you can rule it out and move forward.

Best of luck hun x



26/12/2010 at 16:24
hiya, i have just joined baby expert so was just having a little look around, in 2007 when i was ttc i had a hsg in the december and i had read online that it is sometimes used as a treatment aswell as it pushes any small blockages out and your most fertile in the weeks following...well like i said i had it done in the december and had bfp beginning of march giving birth to a beautiful baby boy the following december so i have got everything crossed for you. My husband and I started TTC in april 2010 so not quite a year yet, i have pcos but after having my DS i went on the depo injection and since having my last on in feb my periods returned pretty much straight away and have been regular (25 to 28 days) so im really hoping for baby number 2 soon!!!
Edited: 26/12/2010 at 16:24
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