Slow Labour?

18/04/2007 at 18:22
Just wandering if its possible i am in slow labour,

Sat i had four hours of horrible period pains and backache, then it just stopped.

Sun morning had a mucousy show followed by some blood,but had loads of energy and felt fine

Today i started off feeling sick, then backache, then period type pains and then like waves of pain, which were quite bad, i couldn't move through some of them, had to use my tens machine and take painkillers, that all stopped at 4pm and now i just have backache again.

By the way tens machines are good lol I was shocked how well it worked.

What do you think?

Purple x
19/04/2007 at 03:05
sounds like things may be underway, have you not seen your midwife?? i was having these things etc show over the weekend over a few days quite bad but then stopped mind you im only approaching 37 weeks so not so bad lol hope something more hapeens for you so that you know, i think not knowing could drive a person insane!!! and good luck xxx
19/04/2007 at 04:36
ohh.. sounds like baby could be on the way! is this your first baby? things tend to go a bit slower with the first. good luck!! xx
19/04/2007 at 04:57
I saw my midwife monday and she said baby is fully engaged and she don't think i will get to 40 weeks!

This is my first baby, after 3 miscarriages, so i have no idea what to expect lol I wish my waters would break and i could just go to hospital lol

I phoned hospital yesterday and they said phone back when contractions are regular, 5 mins apart which is scary for me when its my first lol

Woke up with period pains and backache through the night and then just a dull ache this morning!!
19/04/2007 at 05:02
Good luck with it all, sounds like you are in labour to me. I'm a first timer too, don't know what to expect?? apart from shed loads of pain lol
19/04/2007 at 05:10
well my first labour started off as really really bad back ache, then started to get regular 'period like' pains, deep down i knew i was in labour but didnt accept it until 4 hours after having the pains! xx
19/04/2007 at 05:13
It because they keep coming for a few hours and then i get nothing for hours then they come again, its so confusing lol
19/04/2007 at 05:22
it could just be baby getting into position, or maybe the start of labour. its fustrating because if you went to hospital they would only send you home until the contractions become regular. my waters didnt break until i was having regular cotractions for about 10 hours (i had a 15 hour labour) and then they didnt all come away, the rest went when i had my son. everyone is diffrent tho. if you do think your in labour try to get as much rest as you can, you need to conserve all your energy!! xx
19/04/2007 at 05:50
hi purple! i was going to put a post in saying exactly the same thing!!! i have been awake with period pains all night on and off but not regular. they bloody kill! then since i have got up its just a dull ache. no show or broken waters but last night i felt really unomfortable "down there" eveerytime the baby moved or i tried to sit up!! sarp pains which i think may from cervix? its my first and i have no idea what to expect but i would be surprised if i went full term too (am 38 weeks) . xx
19/04/2007 at 06:02
Hi there,

Yeah i been having pains 'down there' too, and they are very uncomfortable, the worst is the shooting pains, i had really bad one other night, had a tear in my eye!! I end up jumping off the sofa lol

Sometimes its like just so much pressure feels like he might fall out, i wish!!

And the pains yesterday, kept feeling like i needed a no2, so i kept sitting on the loo for nothing, so much fun lol
19/04/2007 at 06:08
yeah exactly how i felt!! it does feel like you needa no 2!! i wonder if it is slow labour? i didnt think braxton hicks were suppose to hurt? i darent tell OH he will panic! shooting pains down below are worse i agree and today it feels like like niggling back ache and like im due on? xx
19/04/2007 at 06:16
Yeah thats what i have like the feeling you get before your period starts, have you got a tens machine? Cos if it weren't for that i would have ended up going to the hospital yesterday as the pains were awful!

I didn't think it would do much, so i was amazed when it actually helped
19/04/2007 at 06:20
no i dont have one! my stepdad does so may pinch his!! i keep expecting the period pain to kick in again it niggling me today. i do hope it is labour i have had enough now! keep me posted on how you are! x
19/04/2007 at 06:22
I would pinch his then, cos it going to be a life saver if the pains keep coming and stopping!!

I will and you to, hope we don;t have to wait long!! xx
19/04/2007 at 06:24
thing is my stepdad lives in spain and my mum comes back next wed!! so it would have to be then!! i dunno if baby will hold out until then!! will have to suffer i think!! xx
19/04/2007 at 06:28
i got one for 30 pound new off a website and it was a Freedom one, im will just sell it on ebay after and get my money back!! Just search Freedom tens machine, very basic but helps tons
19/04/2007 at 06:39
thanks will look into that knowing my luck i will order one then go into labour!!!! xx
19/04/2007 at 07:30
Braxton Hicks not hurt?!?!?!?!?! On which planet?!?!?!?! Labour was a doddle after the ones I had last time round, I've had periods that were more painful for that matter. Really sharp pains at the front of your pelvis could be from your Symphesis Pubis. I had this from around 32 to 39 weeks after he moved into position - then I went for a lie down one day, got up and hey presto no more pain. Try a support belt when you're standing/walking, might take some of the edge off. I love TENS machines, they're my friends, shame you can't use them in a birthing pool...
19/04/2007 at 10:24
ive been taking nice long walks with my mum every morn to try encourage baby to be early, or just not late!!!!! all these pains etc its my second time and still cant tell the difference!!!! all i can say is braxton hicks must hurt for me as pains come regular for hours then ease off again!!! pain down there too, but my waters broke first with my daughter so that time i knew i was in labour, dont think ill be convinced this time if they dont until im in agony, then be a mad rush lol
19/04/2007 at 11:34
i think i will be the same!! i will prob wait until pain that bad just so im sure its labour! dont want to be ent home from hosp will naff me right off!! so do braxton hicks hurt alot then? i havent really had any painful ones just really uncomfortable!!