If induced.. how long does it take to go into labour?

24/06/2007 at 03:46
Hi ladies...
Ive a feeling im going to have to be induced.. but would like to know how long it can take to kick in when they've inserted the cream stuff!??...

Can anyone let me know?
ta x
24/06/2007 at 03:52
hi, i was induced with dd, got gel around 6 on tues eve, monitored baby for roughly an hour and had to lie there, got crampy pains all night, checked in morning around 6 or 7 another gel, checked again about 9.30ish brought down to del suite after 10 or 11 i think, put me on drip and after an hour or 2 started getting strong contractions, got epidural and 6 hrs 15 mins later nicole was born. i thought getting induced was scarier becuse you know when its going to happen and you get yourself worked up, were if you go on your own you dont get time to think about it. take care xxx
24/06/2007 at 07:47

I think it depends on each person. I was induced with number 2 of my 4 kids. I was 36 weeks with high blood pressure and very low iron so they decided she better out than in.

I was given pessaries twice but nothing happened. I then was put on a drip at 9.30 in the morning and by 11.30 I was in full labour. She came out at 2.54pm.

Try not to worry too much bout it though. We all different and sometimes just breaking waters gets it all going.

Are you overdue??? If near dates or OD then your cervix is riper and will respond to induction quicker. A sweep of membranes with number 3 was enough to start labour. My mate had a sweep and while midwife up her snatch her waters broke....labour started there and then and baby came few hours later. Her hubby missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck

di xxx
24/06/2007 at 09:26

I think that the initial thought of induction scared me, but then I found that every step of the way was really well explained. So for instance the pessary didn't work, so they explained what they would do next, what effect it would have on me etc. I felt more relaxed as they were taking such good care of me and explaining everything so well. I also believe that having my mum in with me made a difference. But it took in total from around 8am when they started me until 11.58pm when I gave birth.

With my second I wasn't at all nervous, and I was induced again...I guess I just went with the flow as I knew what would happen..., pessary, waters broken, drip, epidural, sleep, pushing and baby in my arms! It did take longer with this one,but then I wasn't poorly so they weren't so worried about him coming out quickly.

Whereas this time I am panicking about going into natural labour!!! I have no idea how it starts...or when to go to the hospital as I have always been in hospital prior to induction...and I live 40 mins away from my hospital. I really wanted a home birth with candles and music and my other children around but my midwife wont entertain it as I will be 41 and because of my 'complicated' history and because we live too far from a hospital...and if it is snowing then I could easily be stranded as I live in the middle of nowhwere up a hill...so an abulance would not make it up here!

I think you will be surprised at how strong and determined you will become when giving birth...the animal instincts will take over and you will find the inner strength to get through it.

Cannot wait for you to be back on here telling us how much baby weighs etc!

Thinking of you.

24/06/2007 at 10:31
my induction at 38 weeks started on monday evening & I had jackson on Friday morning.

I had 3 lots of prostin gel, one monday night, one tuesday morning & one wednesday afternoon, i was 2 cm by wednesday but they were busy so I had a strectch & sweep on Thursday morning & had to wait until 6pm for a delivery suite. I had my waters brokern at 6.30pm was put on the drip & had him on Friday morning at 10am.

Far far to long due tot hem not doing the gels a the right times. You anre't supposed to leave more than 6hrs between each batch but I was left 23hrs at one point.
24/06/2007 at 11:36
thanks for all your replies ladies...
im hopefully going to find out tomorrow whether they will induce me... as i dont feel i can cope with being pregnant any longer..

im having real mental trouble dealing with it now..

fingers crossed xxx

24/06/2007 at 15:28

i was just wondering, can you ask to be induced. i have 12 days left but finding it very stressful now as i constantly worry when baby isnt moving. (she doesnt move as often now). i keep thinking my waters are leaking but when i put a pad on it isnt damp and the braxton hicks are becoming a constant nigthmare. my bump seems to have got smaller but i thnk that is because the baby has settled in my pelvis. i have a mw appiontment on tuesday. but not sure what they would say if asked to be induce. is it only for pregnant women who go over their due date or have probs or can you request one.

emma xxx
25/06/2007 at 03:26
Hi... im in the middle of asking to be induced now and i have 5 days remaining....
im waiting for the decision today from the hospital.. so will let you know...

You would need to speak with your MW first and then its referred to the hospital I think...

I think its down to specific circumstances... and I too am getting very depressed and dont feel i can cope with going overdue... (have other personal reasons also)... so i think it would depend on your problems really.

Im waiting for the phone call this morning and will let you know.... very nervous ......

25/06/2007 at 05:55
I had a sweep when I when 9 days over, nothing, then I had another when I was 12 days over, I went into labour that night, 12 hours after my sweep, altho my labour was long and I was eventually put on a drip as I wasnt dialating.. my son is here safe n well now n is 6 days old, its horrible waiting but its so worth it.. sleep whilst u can..!!
24/01/2013 at 20:05
06/02/2013 at 12:49


I was induced with both my children, the first because I was a bit ill (kidney infection) and we needed him out. And the second was because she was 2 weeks late! (no one needs that extra 2 weeks!)

The first labour took 36 hours, one lot of cream and further induction IV drip, as cream wasnt enough to kick start it.
Second labour was 17 hours, same story, cream wasnt enough, IV drip. When they give you the drip its pretty much full steam ahead without much warning!

No epidural with either, just pethadine and gas. I do remember screaming out with the second though for an epidural but I was too late, oops..Good luck and happy delivery



06/02/2013 at 12:56

....I meant to add. Dont be frightened. I know its easy for me to say, but Im serious, you will get through it and it will all be in the past soon. You'll be busy staring at your new baby straight after its born to think about what you just went through All the best, and try not to worry, the hospital will look after you.



03/04/2013 at 09:47

i am very scared... m jst about to be induced coz i am a week late.... the waiting is killing me thts why i want to be induced...... i dnt rilly no wht to expect?????

15/04/2013 at 09:25

i was induced with 2 of my babies first took 29hr to start and then another 29hr before she was born and i had to have a epidural for the pain , and second one 2 days but my labour was so fast i didnt no what was happening she was out in 15 min   with just gas and air . labour although painful at the time as soon as your lo is hear u forget the pain i gave birth 8 weeks ago n cant realy remember the pain all i can remember is the gas and air so there is nothing to be afraid of i no easyer said i was pooing my pants when they put the pessary in but it was fine and well worth it when your snuggling your bundle of joy x

15/04/2013 at 09:30

forgot to add i was 2 weeks late with both but looking back i dont no why i was so impatiant tresure ur bumps cos when there out its no sleep more poo than you have ever seen lol but every smile makes it worth while lol congratz on your babies hope all gos well


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