37 weeks, period like pains and discharge

06/10/2011 at 13:45
All morning and for sometime this afternoon I've had crampy, period like pains. They have been mostly irregular and I had a lump of mucous (about the size of a finger nail) at lunch (sorry for tmi!)
I rang my midwife who said the cervix is effacing and to just keep an eye and as long as the bay was still moving about, then its ok.
But after a stroll this afternoon they stopped. I'm a first timer and I was wondering, does this mean that labour is imminent?

06/10/2011 at 14:28
hiya, just from past experience-

I started the night before-big clearout from bowels TMI lol, then just a restless night sleep. Next day was at our carnival in town, all day a horrible achy back tummy, needed to sit all the time lots of pressure down below. This was all day, just felt so uncomfortable, then at 10pm i needed the toilet, when i went, big blob/mucusy pink when i wiped, walked back up to meet partner then there was a big trickle all down my lovely WHITE linens..then as soon as my waters went i was having regular pains. The achy pain was almost constant to begin with but then they did come and go after a while but i just didnt think anything of it as i was 37+1. But baby was born 3.01am that night.

Losing mucus plug is usually a sign but can be a while before labour starts, time your pains if you can and go from there..ring midwife she will tell you best but good luck and put your hospital bag near the door xx


07/10/2011 at 06:09

From past experience.

I had a "show" the mucus 1 week before i went into labour. I kept expecting to go into labour immediately but didnt happen. I was getting back ache and period like pains all week. I went to work on this particular morning, i just felt like a had an achy tummy.. and like the baby was stretching alot. Its was only half way through the day that my mother got all excited and said "i didnt like to say anything but i think your in slow labour". I didnt believe her so carried on. I went home from work, cooked, cleaned, did my ironing, still with tummy ache. It got to 10pm and the pains started getting stronger.. but my waters hadnt broke. So took paracemtamol and had a bath. It eased the pain alittle, but not much.
I went to bed to try and get some sleep but only last about half an hour before pains got pretty bad. Phoned the maternity unit who told me to come in (midnight).
The pains had completely stopped by the time i got to the hospital.. but luckily on examination i was (only) 3cm. It didnt take long for the pains to get back up to speed...

Baby arrived at 9.40am. I wont give you anymore details than that.. i dont want to put you off in any way because everyone is different. Will say epidurals are an amzing invention !!

Thought i'd share this as it may become familiar.

Good Luck xx
07/10/2011 at 07:19
Having been through it twice now, you can lose your mucus plug in one big go or in lots of tiny blobs from hours to days before labour actually starts. The period like pains will need to intensify into regular contractions that will literally leave you breathless lasting a good 60-90secs and coming every 3-5mins before it will be deemed 'active' labour and the delivery team will take a real interest. Your waters may not break until well into labour so don't wait for that to happen (if your like me it'll mean your ready to push!!!) Alas BH feel a lot like the real thing in the last few weeks so try not to time every little niggle or you'll drive yourself nuts. Lastly, I hope you're not too far off and wish you all the best of luck




















09/10/2011 at 07:02
I was in slow labour for about 10 days and I too had crampy pains and discharge. Every night I went to bed thinking 'this is it, i'll be woken up by contractions and i'll have my baby soon!'. Only every morning I ended up waking up without having gone into labour! I had a sweep at 40+5 and that kicked everything off. My mucas plug came away in big globby lumps and there was no denying what it was, where as with the discharge I had experienced before hand it was a case of 'could it be? im not sure' xxx
10/10/2011 at 03:23
Thanks for the replies girls. Im still pregnant. Have had a few twinges since thursday, but not a sausage. I've got my 38 week appointment on wednesday, am hoping she say something encouraging!
Im really big and everyone has said they think I'll go early and so its in my head now unfortunately! Must focus on other things!
Thanks again
10/10/2011 at 03:44
Everyone said they thought I would go early too because I was so low, but Phoebe had other ideas! I ended up going over by a week. If you do get to 40 weeks and your midwife offers you a sweep then I would suggest you go for it. I had the same twingy pains and the midwife said that was a good sign that labour was on its way. When she did the sweep I was already 2cm dialated! People will tell you that sweeps rarely work but thats only if you havent started to dialate. If you have, which it sounds like your body is working on, then it has a really high chance of kicking pabout off xx
01/02/2013 at 20:44

im 38 weeks tomorrow, ive had a feeling these past few days like its on its way, feelings of bladder getting sharp pain then subsiding after few sec all the time for an hour each time, little back ache, period achyness, belly going hard then soft then hard then soft.

im not fed up of being pregnant i could carry on forever, butr i just wana be a mum and see my little bundle of joy hold him in my arms.

08/02/2013 at 15:01
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