Just found out!!!!

08/03/2009 at 04:43
Morning I am new here (as you can tell lol)

Well shocked isnt the word lol!!! We have bn trying 4 a about 8 months with no luck but just found out on friday that we are pregnant . Even though we were planning it it was still a shocked!!!.

Not sure on due dates yet, we have appointment with doctors on this Friday coming but going on my last period (which wasnt a proper period) I might be due around antyhing from end of Oct to mid November.

We were going to stop trying untill the summer time as we have so many birthdays from Sep-Jan (especially December) so alwasys skint round this time & thought it would be nice for a summber baby but nauture has decided other wise & we are exstatic . My H2B is still in shock.

I started feeling a bit sick this monring but ok after I had breakfast. Not sure what to do now lol. We went for a nosey at prams/cots & everthing else yesterday & obviously we wont buy anything untill we know how many we are having (twins in H2B family) but got an idea of what we want

16/04/2009 at 17:59
Congratulations on your news!

I found out just on 11th April too.How exciting! I and my husband are thrilled as we have tried for some time too after my stupid Dprovera injection...

So you say you have a chance of twins? How interesting as we are getting ready also for all news as my husband is a twin and have had them in our family some time ago too...

Is it your first one ? Do you want to find out the sex of baby?

I have 2,5 yo daughter and would love to find out ,but husband does not want!well, I shall be even more motivated to push at the last minute then...

Take care,
East London Baby x
18/04/2009 at 03:47
Hi East London Baby

Congratulations as well, its exciting & scary!!!!

Well we had our scan on Thurday & its defo only the 1 :\) & im 11 wks (a wk further on than we first thot)
Everything went well & Junior was a little mover & wouldnt sit still.

This is our first one & im not so sure we will have any more as its not been the best of starts, I feel sick ALL day but ive managed to control not being sick with eating every couple of hours & acupuncture. Im sure Ill forget all about it tho & have another in a couple of yrs.
I would like to find out what it is but H2B doesnt so will wait & see what we do at the next scan (only 9wks away )

How have u been feeling? are you about 4-5 wks? I bet urs is twin with ur Husband being 1. Oh how exciting xx


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21/04/2009 at 10:05
Just jumping in on this - and wanted to wish you both a huge congrats from me xxx
22/04/2009 at 05:10
Thanks TTCMiniMe


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