HELP tips to treat Colic/trapped wind in newborns

27/06/2010 at 11:02
George is 9 days old and today has been our worst day since he was born. It started yesterday when he was just gripey all day.

We gave him his 10pm feed and he proceeded to projectile vomit it all back over me, and then got himself completely worked up/crying hysterically. After several hours of tears and a bath, we finally managed to settle him (sort of) for the night, and he kept his feeds down last night.

He has been grizzly all day today, he takes his feeds but he obviously has traaped wind, which despite hours of back patting and Infacol, he will just not part with. He also keeps bringing very small amounts back up at the end of the feed.

He refuses to go in his moses basket. so me and DH have taken it in turns throughout the day to cuddle/burp him and rub his tummy. The minute we stop, he starts screaming again.

We took him out for a walk earlier today, and he fell asleep, but as soon as we got home he woke up and started scresming again.

I just feel so helpless as to do anything to help him and wondered if anyone had any advice?
27/06/2010 at 12:38
Yes i have a good tip, the midwife showed me and it really helps to get them to burp. If you sit him on your knee upright like your going to burp him, start by circleing him 3 times to the right then 3 times to the left and then rock him back and forward 3 times then try to burp him. Usually caleb burps when im circleing him to the right. Lol if you have my questions or are unsure just ask and i will do my best to explain. Also gripe water helps but you cant use that til he is 6 weeks. We just started caleb on it last week and he loves it, he actually smacks his lips lol, good luck xxx




27/06/2010 at 12:59
James had colic, and I think we used a bit of everything in the end!

There are 3 ways we winded. Leaning against our shoulder upright. Apparently the chinese swear by holding baby upright in air for 15 seconds to help winding!
On tummy over my knees.
Sitting upright on knee, I used to gently rock him backwards and forwards. Even now when his tummy gets squashed if he leans too far forward, he will occasionally burp!

Used to sit lo up for 10-15 minutes after feed, to help pass any wind, reduce reflux.

We used infacol with every feed, occasionally gripe water when lo reached 4 weeks old, anti-colic bottles and colief as lo was FF.

Also a wedge in the crib, keeps lo less flat.

You can do some gentle massage, which there are classes available for. You make small circles around their tummy button in a clockwise direction. Or rub in a U shape, also around tummy button, starting on the left side.

Also there is the cycling of the legs gently, to try to release the wind.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm slightly wrong on anything, or add.

Hope lo is more comfortable soon. xx
27/06/2010 at 13:01
We're having the same problem and going to try gashs tip next. Last few times we've put him over the shoulder instead tried to burp him by rubbing his back for 3 mins then tip him back and try again. Leave for another 5 mins then put him down and only pick him back up if hes still unsettled. Hope that helps x


27/06/2010 at 14:21
Jack had colic so I know how horrendous it can be. Feels as if it's never going to end. We tried everything from gripe water to crystals to infacol and any old wives tales we were told. The only thing that helped us were the Dr Brown bottles, they we an absolute godsend! We really noticed the difference within a few days and Jack also seemed more calmer as well. They don't work for everyone but I really can't fault them xx
29/06/2010 at 10:45
My daughter had colic, it is so tiring. I tried absolutely everything.
* Bottles
I changed my bottles to dr browns which did seem to help.
* Infacol
I found infacol made things worse. The HV told me that infacol only works in 40% of babies and that is makes all the bubbles of air in the babies stomach into 1 big air bubble and if you cant get it up then it gives them a lot more pain and can bring back milk as well.
*Gripe water
Didnt seem to do much
* Colief
I added colief to babies milk and this reduces down the lactose. This seemed to help but its very expensive at about ??11 a bottle.
*Comfort Milk
I changed my milk to cow and gate comfort milk which also has reduced lactose instead of using the colief.
I know everybody will say this but it does pass and things do get easier. I was so jealous of everyone enjoying there newborn babies and thought I was doing something wrong. It wasn't until the colic passed that I could enjoy her. Shes a completely different baby now.
29/06/2010 at 11:42

Our DD was awful at bringing her wind up, infacol worked to begin with, but even using it before every feed ended up doing nothing. We ended up buying some Dentinox colic drops which were wonderful!
I have read great reviews about Tummy tubs too, so that might be worth looking into. Hope it gets better for you really soon xx
29/06/2010 at 14:07
Have you tried using a Tummy Tub baby bath? Adam didn't really have any problems with his wind, but sitting in the Tummy Tub still made him burp *loads*!

10/09/2013 at 23:01

I am a mother of a 2 month old baby girl.
I have been really upset by her constant crying/lack of sleep
for us both.
She kept making pushing noises like she was in pain and tensing her body up and
it really made me feel so helpless!!
I had tried all the different ways of holding her & bought Infacol and found none of them to be very helpful.
I spent a while googling it one night and someone mentioned that proping the baby up on a
few pillows so they were in a sideways sitting position helped them,
I tried it with not much hope but OH MY GOD!! I am so glad I did as she has
not been in pain since! It's a bit of a pain at night as I can't lie down and feed her I have to be as upright as
possible but it's well worth it as she is such a happy baby now!! now I can enjoy her!

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