Does babies hair colour change?

28/10/2009 at 05:34
I am very dark and OH is blonde - baby has mousey chesnut hair.........everyone keeps saying it usually thins out and grows back a slightly different colour, did this happen with your LO? how old and what colour? just curious.......

also if babies eye colour changed, at what age?
28/10/2009 at 05:43
My lo was born with lots of dark brown hair, it ALL fell out at around 3 months (in the space of 2 weeks-yikes!). He's now 7 months and has a beautiful full head of blond hair.

I think 6months is the cut off for eyes changing
28/10/2009 at 06:18
Ashton was born with loads of dark spikey straight hair and he now has blond curly hair! So not just the colour that changed for him. Leighton has auburn spikey hair at the moment (4 weeks old) so who knows how it will end up! xxx
28/10/2009 at 06:21
hiya, i always thought the eyes were upto about 12 weeks? Lacey was born with red hair, she now has blonder hair, it started changing at around 8 weeks she is now 28 weeks and theres no red left in it, but my friend has had a baby boy and he was born with a mop and i mean mop looks like a wig of dark borwn hair and it has stayed the same, so it doesnt hapen to all babies i dont think x hth a bit x
28/10/2009 at 06:43
Hi, My lo had loads of dark hair when he was born. He didn't lose it all but by bout 12 weeks he'd thinned out around the sides!! He's now 14 months and its faired down.. more a mousey colour. I think he'll go dark again as he gets older.. but its the colour that i think if he had much sun would go quite blonde too.
His eyes have always been the same colour as mine (darkish blue..) my oh has bluey/greeny eyes and we've just noticed over the past 2 months that lo's eyes now have greeny flecks in them.xx
28/10/2009 at 06:55
My wee boy had really dark blue eyes when he was born, at 5 weeks they are now a lot lighter.

He also looks like a wee baldy man - he has gone a bit thin on top so hopefully he will produce some new hair sometime!

28/10/2009 at 07:36
Tilly's hair is just growing and growing, spikey on the top and long at the back - she has a baby mullet! It was fair when she first born but seems to have a reddish tint to it now.
Me and hubby were both bright blonde with curls as babies but are now both dark so who knows!

Sorry this hasn't helped at all has it? lol



28/10/2009 at 08:42
My lo is 26 weeks 2moro and her's has got thinner and lightened out but is still brown! Re the eyes - I thought 1 year was the cut off for them changing colour!
28/10/2009 at 12:28
I have quite dark hair and my OH has mousey hair. Riley was born with lots of red hair. When he was younger it looked blonde in some lights and everyone kept saying it might go blonde. He didn't rub any off but it all fell out pretty much on top then grew back pretty much the same colour, if not redder! x

28/10/2009 at 12:52
Peter was born with straight dark hair. It never fell out but has got blonder and curlier over time so that now he is very fair with mad blond curls for a top knot! The funny thing is that when he was born the midwife said 'He's going to have your curls' and I said 'He's going to be blond'! Turns out we were both right although you would never have believed us looking at the photos of him then. :lol:

Just to confuse matters, I've been told that babies' eyes can change any time up to a year, although most change in the first 12 weeks. Thankfully Peter seems to have his eyes from my side of the family. They have stayed the lovely dark blue of my father's eyes so far and I hope they continue to do so rather than going the lighter blue of mine or my husband's.
28/10/2009 at 16:55
my son was born with jet black hair and it got thinner and thinner then came bk blonde, hes now 3 and its very thick and brown, hubby has black hair and im a red head, Ayda was born with jet black hair also and is now looking abit red round the hairline, shes nearly 3 weeks now so too early to tell but she has very fair eye brows too so who nos she could be a red head too!! both my babies were born with blue eyes cams eyes are bright blue, still too early to tell with aydas, hubby has blue eyes and i got greeny/blue with orange flecks in (weird lol)

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