Midwife reforms

Expectant mums will receive personal labour and birth care from a ‘named midwife’ under the latest NHS plans.

The changes are aimed at improving the level of care during labour, as well as fighting postnatal depression suffered by many mums after the birth of their baby.

According to the Telegraph, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley will announce that every mum-to-be will be assigned a named midwife who will care for them during their pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.

Health workers will be given more training to monitor ‘emotional wellbeing’ and to spot the signs of postnatal depression in new mums.

Parents will also be given more choice on where and when they give birth.

The chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), Cathy Warwick, has supported the news. ‘These are positive plans from the government targeting areas of maternity care that are under-prioritised and under-resourced,’ she said.

Laura Richards 16/05/2012 10:39:49
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