Sacla' survey results for Mother's Day
Sacla' survey results for Mother's Day

A survey for Mother's Day shows the modern mum is part of the 'do it all’ generation that, despite working, being a mum, running a home, making time for her family and herself, still loves looking after everyone

The survey, commissioned by Sacla’, the Italian pasta and pesto sauce company, shows the drastic changes to a mum's life after the birth of her second child, which include a dramatic 50% cut in eating out.

The survey results show that:
  • More than 75% of mums say their life changed dramatically with the birth of their second child
  • 30% use store cupboard staples more often to prepare a family meal
  • 86% eat pasta every week with one of their family’s top three favourite sauces: Bolognese, Pesto or Carbonara.
  • Modern mums are easily pleased - a bath and a glass of wine, or an hour of uninterrupted time with their friends is how they would like to spend an extra hour to themselves this Mother’s Day
  • 75% of mums are dramatically more tired after their second child and along with the bath, wine and time for friends, sleep is top of their ‘me-time’ wish list!
  • Most mums would love more help around the house - with 73% saying this is the home help they would like most
  • The majority still enjoy cooking, but in a different way: they spend more money on food, and do their supermarket shop more often
  • Over 50% go online more frequently for the weekly groceries
  • 30% of mums use store cupboard staples more often too, which explains the surge in demand for authentic Italian pasta and pesto sauces from Sacla'.
  • For 60% of families pasta is the favourite family meal
  • 37% per cent of husbands are helping with the cooking

The 1400 multi-tasking mums who took part in the survey had time-saving tips for other mums too! Top ones include using good quality jars, such as Sacla’, planning a week’s menu on Sunday, and cooking one pot meals in batches to freeze ahead.
Sacla' commissioned the survey because the family company wanted to find out why so many mums discover their pasta sauces after their second child. MD Clare Blampied can empathise with the busy mums who took part. She says: 'I always think having one child is like a beautiful handbag - you can take it everywhere! But it is a total shock that your life is so different with two children, one mum said it is like going from owning one dog to having a zoo!' Editor-in-Chief Claire Lavelle says: "What really impressed us is the strength of feeling towards family time and togetherness - modern mums clearly enjoy their families and prioritise quality time with their children".

What are your top time-saving tips for busy mums, and what would you choose to spend an hour to yourself on this Mother's Day? Tell us on our facebook page here 15/03/2012 01:00:00
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