She's a Barbie girl!
She's a Barbie girl!

Suzanne Shaw is a BIG Barbie fan - which is why she agreed to sing the new 'Barbie and the Diamond Castle' animated adventure theme song 'Connected'.

Suzanne spoke exclusively to about her association with Barbie, and being a mum to three-year-old son Corey.

'It's so much fun for me to be asked to sing on the new Barbie movie, I had lots of Barbie dolls as a child, as most girls did, and they were a massive part of my childhood. She's such an on-going icon and still a very relevant toy for today. I have no truck with all this non-sense about her not being a good role model - at the end of the day she's just a doll, and something that little girls love to play with.  

There are no Barbie dolls in my house now - Corey is a typical little boy, into cars, football and Buzz Lightyear. I'm a bit of a soccer mum, after nursery I take him to the park to play footie and ride on his bike. At home we play cars or hide and seek together, which I love doing.' asked Suzanne for her top toddler tips:

'My number one tip would be to encourage good eating habits, because unhealthy food can really affect their behaviour. Number two would be to have a chill-out time before bed. Corey comes downstairs after his bath and we have a calm 5 or 10 minutes sitting in the living room. I find it really works. And finally, if Corey says 'no' to doing something then I try and resolve the situation with a warning that I might say 'no' to something he wants to do later. It seems to do the trick!' 03/10/2008 09:39:02
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