Melinda Nicci - pre- and postnatal fitness expert
Melinda Nicci - pre- and postnatal fitness expert

Pre- and postnatal fitness expert Melinda Nicci says...

It's totally normal for your stomach to be soft and a bit jiggly after having a baby. However, most of us feel better when our abdominal muscles are toned and strong, which has the added benefit of improving posture, and making us look taller and slimmer. A combination of cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise, which is the best way to burn calories and lose baby weight, and tummy-toning exercises, will help you lose those excess inches. It's definitely the best way to see postnatal fitness results fast!

Your cardiovascular exercise should include at least 30 to 40 minutes of fast walking or swimming three times a week. This will burn fat and increase your postnatal fitness. My secret tummy-toner couldn't be easier. Sit on a chair, with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Tense your abdominal muscles, and pull them inwards, towards your back. Hold for a count of 10, release and repeat. Do this at least five times every day and you will soon see a difference - no gym required!

Remember to get the all-clear from your GP before starting any postnatal exercise regime. 04/01/2012 06:15:00
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Silver member

29/02/2012 at 15:04

hi. iv never joined a forum befor but ill try anything just now to see if it helps, im 26 now and have been married 4 years, my husband and i have been trying to have a baby for 3 and a half years, its just not happening and i dint know what to do. it doesnt help that i have no1 really to talk to about this, friends and family all have their own problems and while my husband wants children he doesnt seem to have a grasp on how to provide comfort and support, we have had all the fertility tests which have all come back normal, my periods though have always been all over the place so ovulation tracking is quite difficult, i feel like iv tried everything, i dont stress about this until i get my period as i know stressing can lower chances so the rest of the month i relax and try not to think about it but now it seems everyone around me is getting pregnant but me. i always wanted a big family but now i only have 4 years until im 30 and chances get even lower. i just dont know what to do.
Silver member

01/03/2012 at 17:02

Hi nattie,

I just wanted to say hi and reassure you that you are not alone.

We have been trying for almost 18 months had all tests and everything came back normal. I am 31 now and starting to worry about my biological clock as I have always wanted a large family also.

I have just been to gp today as I have been suffering with stress and anxiety and she suggested counselling or drugs to help and i definately do not want the drugs so i may give the counselling a go. I know 18 months is not quite 3.5 years but after 12 months it feels like an eternity.

Whenever you feel like to need to vent or ask any questions just come on here as i find it really helps knowing that you are not alone.

Hope you get what you want very soon x
Platinum member

02/03/2012 at 15:36

hey nattie,

welcome to BE first of all. i've been ttc for 3.5 years too with no bfp to date. i've found BE to be amazing in terms of being able to talk about everything, venting anger, making friends with women who KNOW how you feel instead of those people that keep saying 'just relax, it will happen then'..

just out of interest what treatment have you had doen to date lovey?

I've had a lap n dye done and they found endometreosis which was treated. hubby absolutely fine, i have a regular cycle, ov every month, all quite strange really.
i've had clomid for 8 months too which i really didn't like (but everyobe reacts differently to it. i felt v emotional on it and was as my husband put a real pain in the arse. we were recently referred for ivf and have our first appoint on 19th march which cannnot wait for.

i think its important to be able to talk to people about all as it is a big stress and i realy do high five you for being relaxed all cycle and only stressing out when your af is due. i'm a proper stress head these days. bring back the days when nothing mattered!!!

hoping you get your bfp soon
han xxx
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