Myleene Klass yahoo
Myleene Klass yahoo

How has Ava taken to being a big sister to Hero?

She’s been textbook amazing. She says, ‘Isn't it good we’re all mums now.’ Bless!

What kind of mum are you?

I’m stricter than I thought I’d be. All the things I thought I’d never thought I’d do, I do. I’ve turned into my mum – which is fine because she’s amazing. But my mum wasn’t a working mum, and I'm dealing with all the mixed emotions that come with that – you leave the house and flick a switch to guilt!

Do you think you’d like any more kids?

I’m up for it, I want four. But when I raised it with Gray, I got a humph – he’s worried about all the practicalities like having a new car. But I'm one of three and I like the idea of four kids. We’ve turned our bed into a pirate ship and we need more pirates!

Do you miss music and being a pop star?

I’m glad I had a life as a pop star but I can’t think of anything better suited to me now than being a mum. Ava had her first violin lesson with me today. I put on a beret to become a teacher and it went well. But I won’t push her onto the stage.

How has your relationship been affected by motherhood?

Gray and I have been together for 11 years, but I did feel after we’d had Ava that he was genuinely from Mars. People say having a baby brings you closer, but it tears you apart in the first few months because of sleep depravation. And that turns into competitive tiredness. We were sitting on the sofa the other day, feeling calm, and he said ‘I love our family’, but your relationship definitely changes and it takes time to adjust.

What’s it like being a second time mum?

I’m so much calmer. When I first had Ava, I’d pick her up every time she cried at night, but I let Hero sleep. Every squeak doesn’t mean she’s stopped breathing!’

You’ve just filmed an online TV series with Yahoo! called Bumps, Babies and Beyond. What was your inspiration?

Motherhood is joyous and wonderful, but it’s also knackering and isolating – especially the first few months. Like I did with my book , ‘My Bump and Me’, I wanted to create a kind environment, where mums could be honest about things like miscarriage or breastfeeding in public and wouldn’t feel judged. The videos are bite-sized chunks of four minutes long so easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

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